May 4, 2016

RPG trivia: Materials and their meanings

RPG trivia

Materials and their meanings

Wood - Usually the first tool of the game. Types of games use wood at first to compare with the advanced material tools that the higher level knights and warriors use. Kind of as if we all started off with a stick or a bokken.

Bronze/Iron - Common tools use these elements and alloy. They won't fare against a strong bad guy or the final boss.

Silver/myrithril - That's what's in treasure chest no. 8888. The myrithril in pleated sheets that almost always has to be brought to the next town, so a new tool can be forged. They're usually found in the deepest forest or a dead end of a dungeon. Always call a party member before setting out to find myrithril, it is a difficult impossible journey.

Mystery Accessories - Same as myrithril but these can be equipped like charms, in good fashion. Think about it, fashion can also be charming and beat the bosses? Well in the alluring world of the RPG... maybe your world in .addition.

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