January 24, 2011

:::Tsundere Spotlight:::

Welcome to the first TSL of 2011! On to the post!

This TSL goes to one of the Four Tsundere Wonders: Louise from Zero no Tsukaima!

First I'll talk a little bit about the anime:

Zero no Tsukaima translates to "The familiar of Zero." And for those who don't know what a familiar is, it's a summoned creature. Basically, Louise is called "Zero" because she can't do anything right and consequently, instead of summoning a magical creature to do her bidding, she summons a human: Saito. Basically, it means he was destined for her and a fan service-filled romance ensues.

Louise is born from a noble family and she always trys to prove that she has what it takes to be a good wizard. She doesn't like giving up and keeps on moving forward.

Louise is very well drawn and voiced by my favorite voice actress, Rie Kugimiya (see her in action on our youtube channel here), which makes it very fun to watch. The only things that makes the anime extremely annoying is the oblivious and perverted Saito as well as too much fanservice. But, for just Louise, it's worth watching ^^.

So, obviously, she's a tsundere--but what type? Louise is the typical episodic tsundere that shows both traits of tsun and dere every episode. She dere's of love for Saito, but then tsun's when Saito has his attention on another girl (which usually signals fan service). Jealous Louise is forced to go aggressive and struggles to make Saito like her flat-chested character which I find cute =P.

Will Saito ever see Louise the way she wants her to? What will happen to Louise and Saito in the end? Will Louise ever become a successful wizard? Will people ever stop calling her "Zero"!? If any of these questions peaked your curiosity, you're going to have to watch all three--yes THREE--seasons of Zero no Tsukaima!

You can watch all three openings that don't really spoil much here: [coming soon; edit: coming sometime in the future... when I get to it =P]

Oh! I almost forgot! Let's take a little look at her Tsun - Dere sides, shall we?
(This time I won't label them--you should know by now which is which! =P)

Tsundere & Moe Snapshots:

So don't forget to catch Louise in Zero no Tsukaima!

That's all for now, stay tuned for more!

Thanks for reading ^^,

Aww, I can't leave your pool souls without a parting picture, now can I? ;)
Well here you go!

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