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Difference between...

(not otaku but here goes...)  

Difference between being the time and being a clock.

A clock must display accurate time.

A time can be good or bad, as long as it is timing the passage of time in the world.

A time can’t go with you physically.

A clock should not be changed to a wrong time or time zone location.

A clock can’t change the time to suit itself or another. Unless sync with digital cloud clocks.

The time can read on all clocks.

Not all times are read the same, even at difference instances.

A clock itself cannot be good or bad, as long as it is accurate and can be read.

Clocks can be artistically beautified whereas time cannot.

Time can be interpreted differently, where the clock should be read for time.


The Otaku Guide to Creative Visualization

Visualization is a way of meditation that uses daydreams and dreams. Making it creative changes everything because that means you can change your own life. The anime, gaming factor is a choice to make, like the red or blue pill or red Mario and green Luigi. Choose the right idea, choose your fate.

An otaku’s got a pretty advantage over the ordinary person because they know and like anime, already. So its already easy to think about a bunch of cool things to do or be in the world. All the more it takes is to take some time to sit and relax or to get out there and be the person that you would really want to be. All of it actually is about taking the chance to be the person that we wish to be in the real world *IRL*.

A lot of the time people from IRL and adults like to poke fun at otaku and gamers, saying that they don’t know what they’re doing in the real world. Sometimes your parents do that, but then a lot of parents come back and say that they wish they liked anime if they had the choice. Think, “JUST HOW ORNERY IS THAT PIKACHU!”

Sometimes many adults mean it though and other times it’s just their harmless fun without any real bad intent. It’s not really logical to tell an otaku that. If I knew all that in February 2010 (6 years back) when I began this blog, I would have put double the work in, if it makes people feel so special to make fun of anime. No, not I wouldn’t have ever done it… Then if I never started it I would have never went to any conventions with Chansu or Deretsun, even to AX where Pierrot is the best expert. So it’s not really any sense for those other people who don’t like anime to criticize US for a little hobby. Maybe they would like to be anime fans too!

Or maybe, I will keep on using creative visualization until Professor Oak gives me a Pikachu of my own!


Otaku Reviewers: Ulquiorra -- A Case Study

Otaku Reviewers: Ulquiorra -- A Case Study: Ulquiorra, a high ranking Espada member in the Bleach Universe. Ulquiorra is also a highly skilled psychological manipulator. If you are...



Pierrot's Blade & Soul Experience Pt. 5 : Bamboo Betrayal

Hello! I’m back with part five of my Blade and Soul adventures. This week, I’m covering chapters 20 through 27 which is the end of the Viridian Coast for now. I’ve never said this in the last ones, but if you don’t like spoilers and are not yet at this point, you might want to read this a little later.  If you're curious, it wouldn't hurt to read a little. I most likely left out a bit since I wrote this from memory. I played through Chapter 20 before I wrote the last post, but decided to wait for the next one since I thought it wouldn’t be as long. My mistake. ^^;

Anyway, chapter 20 had me going to Songshu Isle by dragon pulse. When I got there, I found a journal that belonged to someone named Han Daesu. I figured he would be at the Songshu Pavilion and headed there. On my way, there were Dusk Adders all over the place. I was able to avoid them easily, but got spotted by a creature called Sawtooth Bulbari. That thing is cute, but will tear you up if you’re not prepared. On top of that, they can poison you if you’re not careful. Well, that little bulbari happened to chase me into the Roadside Camp. I searched there to look for the Han Daesu guy, but he wasn’t anywhere to be found. I headed up to the pavilion to meet with Buyong who told me that she thinks there’s a spy in the Bamboo Guard, but since Bumbak lost his bag, it was best for me to look in the Dusk Adders’ Nest to find it. It’s pretty much a  jump off the side of the pavilion to land right in front of it. When I got inside, I found Chengun who said he was following Dodan, but Dodan got captured...again. I just had to walk down some tunnel to find where he was being held and defeat the guards. Surprisingly, they were easy to defeat. I released Dodan from his cage, but the next thing I knew, I had to escort him and Chengun to fight more Dusk Adders, including one of the leaders. Again, it wasn’t very difficult and the leader ended up not being her at all. After that, Dodan and Chengun left me. I ran out since there wasn’t much reason to stick around and decided to go around the corner to head back up to the pavilion only to discover the totems around Songshu Isle are possessed and will attack if you get to close.  It was more scary than that Bulbari chasing me since it just popped out the ground. >.>;

I made it back to the Pavilion successfully and gave Buyong the bag. By now, she really suspects Bumbak for being a spy, which I do as well. She told me to go find Sung Jinha at the Stillbrook Monastery which was not too difficult to get to if you’re able to avoid the enemies. When I get there and find Jinha, He told me about a child monk named Dondon who used to be friendly, but had become quiet and recently. When I went up to the kid, he asked me to defeat Woomah of the Blackram and bring him the bandana. I figured it would be easy enough, but since I’m terrible at sneaking, I ended up having 3 enemies plus Woomah attacking me and, unfortunately, killing me. I tried again and this time hid in the bushes until he reappeared from the last person that defeated him. I managed to defeat him and ran out of that area as fast as possible to return to Dondon. When I gave him the bandana, he was impressed, but not enough it seemed. He asked me to get him mushrooms from the Claypaw Kennels, which I figured wouldn’t be so bad because it might have puppies. I don’t know why I thought there would be puppies in an area full of monsters and enemies, but I was wrong. Instead, they’re weird-looking dog creatures that make pottery. I didn’t really encounter them much since I was just collecting mushrooms and getting info from the kid. When I gave him his mushrooms, he told me Bumbak was the spy. I told Jinha who sent me to find Bumbak. Before leaving the monastery, I talked to a guy named Orpun who told me about something called a Dragon Coil. They’re in certain areas so I can go to one, fill up my heart thingy so in case I die, I can be brought back without having to start at the beginning until my hearts run out. It usually only gives one from what I’ve seen so far, but that’s enough I think.

I headed down to the Yutay Lair to find Bumbak and ran into some of the Yutay which are fish-like creatures. I defeated a few and went into a small area to find Bumbak. He was posing as Dochun to impress the two women with him. I charged in and scared the women off and beat him up, only for him to surrender. He told me the Blackram leader Gwon was after Dochun’s daughter Namsoyoo and ran away. I didn’t want to let him go, but the game wouldn’t let me kill him for story reasons. I went back to the Monastery to find Dochun who told me Namsoyoo has been kidnapped. I headed to the Outpost and was told to take the Blackram messages off their carrier crow. Thankfully, I was able to do that without a problem since I had a Blackram uniform and pretty much just walked right up and took it. I had to change into something else when I got close to the bamboo guards so they wouldn’t hurt me and gave the letter to Somunbu. He asked me to find Bojimu and bug him about some swords the guard had commissioned, so I went around and glided off the cliff to find him. He told me to get some Stonebiter hides which was easier said than done. I wasted all my dumplings fighting those things! I returned to Bojimu who told me to talk to Somunbu because he heard yelling from the outpost. I went to investigate and found out Dodan was trying to be the hero once again and went to rescue Namsoyoo. I rand a little ways past the guards and changed into my Blackram uniform again so it wouldn’t be too difficult to make it past all the pirates along the way. I reached a Dragon Pulse and rode it to the Blackram hideout. It was pretty easy getting around the Bamboo guards that were already there, so I started to look for Chengun. I got lost for like 15 minutes trying to find him only to realize he’s hidden behind crates. That should have been obvious, but I really didn’t know. -__-;;

He told me Namsoyoo was inside the big ship with Wungsam, so I went to rescue her. When I got in, she and Wungsam were flirting with each other. She noticed me and then ran up and said Wungsam tried to do stuff to her, so I attacked and beat him up. Namsoyoo told me not to tell anyone what happened since people would spread rumors about her and it would hurt Dochun. She saw something/Someone appear who turned out to be one of Jinsoyun’s followers. I probably could have fought her, but I ran out since I didn’t want to die. I went to find Chengun again asked if he saw her go by. He said no and Namsoyoo ran out. He noticed she dropped a letter and gave it to me to return to her.

I windstrided back to Bamboo Village and went to find Namsoyoo at the Healing House. I found her talking to the Mayor saying she would never marry an old guy and he said that he made deals with the Blackram so he could be with her. She noticed I was there and ran off. The mayor got scared and yelled at me, but noticed Namsoyoo’s letter. He told me to give it to him, but I refused. He said the alarms were going off, signaling the Blackram were going to attack. Really, I couldn’t hear anything, but the cutscene was pretty scary. Everything was on fire and there were pirates everywhere. I met with Janghun who asked me to destroy the cannons and kill any pirates who tried to stop me. Cannons were easy, but the pirates weren’t. The one I went after was so close to two or three others, so they noticed me right away. Didn’t help that I was wearing the bamboo guard uniform, so I was almost killed. There were other guards nearby, so they helped me out. 

I went to find Janghun after I did what he asked and he said to go protect the villagers. I ran to the Inn where he said some would be and found a lady named Yongsook. She told me some pirates took her baby into the basement and that her husband went in to rescue it. I ran in, killed the pirates and took the baby back to its mom. She was thankful, but asked why her husband wasn’t coming out. He had died protecting the baby. I left her and ran into Chengun who told me to help Dodan who was fighting the Blackram leader Gwon at Dochun’s house. By the time i got there, Dodan’s injured and Dochun’s worried about finding Namsoyoo and taking down Gwon. I gave him the letter Namsoyoo dropped and went to find her. The cutscene showed that she went to the lighthouse with the mayor and ran into Gwon. He slashed the mayor with his sword and then she then pushes the mayor off the cliff and runs into Gwon’s arms. Turns out Namsoyoo and Gwon are together, which was semi-expected. She saw me and told Gwon to kill me. Since i couldn’t get out of that fight, I tried my best. It wasn’t exactly fair, though. I only had about 50% of my life left and he killed me so fast. I tried again and almost lost, but managed to get him first.  Namsoyoo was not very happy and probably thought she was going to die, but her boyfriend had an escape plan. Bumbak was there on a little boat with a giant kite that Gwon jumped onto with Namsoyoo.

After the attack was over, Dochun read Namsoyoo’s letter. It was from Bumbak about the information she gave to the Blackram was helpful in their attack plans on Bamboo Village. Dochun said a friend of his spotted Jinsoyun and a man in a Hongmoon uniform in the Cinderlands. I promised to tell Dochun if I find her. Poor Dodan was pretty beat up and I actually felt bad for him. He tried to protect his sister, only to be betrayed like that. The final chapter of the Viridian coast ended when I talked to Chengun who told me to speak with a man named Andumo. At that point, I realized I forgot to take notes of what happened and stopped. That and I wasn’t ready to enter the Cinderlands just yet. ^^;;

I made a new character named Alei Zya who is a Jin Warlock. I restarted everything I did before, but I won’t repeat what you guys already know. Instead, I’ll be continuing the next act with her.

See you in the Cinderlands!


Super Mario RPG Nostalgia!!!

Remember that game that came out somewhere after the mid-1990's that sold out at Funcoland and was always missing at Blockbuster when you went to rent it?

That game was most likely Super Mario RPG or SMRPG for short! Whether or not you were about 9 or 10 back than is different though. What most people agree on is that SMRPG was a hit and one of the best Mario games that has ever came out, at least until the Nintendo Gamecube was released...

The Secret Boss, Culex

The Toadstools that were hypnotized by Davey Jones, the Pirate Boss from the bottom of the ocean...

SMRPG box art!!!

So Smithy and the gang take over Bowsers Keep

...and Mario gets along with Bowser!!!

The Protagonists of  SMRPG fan art!

One of the cult-fan bases that started was for Geno fans. Geno's character was actually more important than one may think, at least contrary to the first time you played as a kid (if the first time that you played SMRPG was as a child). Geno was special because he knew who Smithy was before the story even began and was the only good guy that came from the same Super-Universe as Smithy... to help Mario and his friends!

SMRPG good guys and bad guys
Another new character to SMRPG was Mallow who believed that he was a frog. Though he looked like a cloud and was plagued with self-doubt over the whole appearance-doesn't-match-my-soul thing, until Mario with Mallow's help, discovered his home was in the clouds... Even after Mallow found out he was from a land in the sky, he never gave up on his identity as a frog...

The SMRPG world map.
No matter how many times I've played SMRPG, the SMRPG world always seems to take more or a lot less time. Sometimes I think it's going to take forever and it goes by really fast or I'm going to breeze through it and it takes longer than I thought haha :D

A remastered picture of the SMRPG world map!

A GIF for Geno!

Fanart of Mario and Princess Peach

Super Mario RPG and the Seven Stars

 Even if they release five more FF or KH games, I'll still probably be always loyal to the SMRPG title. Without SMRPG, Square and Enix wouldn't have learned enough to continue making good games in their other long runners like FF or KH.


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