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Monday, May 18, 2015

Japan Day 2015 in Central Park, NYC Review!

Japan Day NYC 2015 IN Central Park!!
A picture-by-picture retelling of an awesome Otaku Event, by chansu :P

Better than some sushi that my friend bought with his loads of money (while I just ate a smaller roll for less money) 
#sushimoney #otakuswagger #biginjapan

Oh beautiful Central Park. New York's finest slice of nature and good times in good weather. That is, especially when the biggest Japan culture event hosted by some awesome people comes to town! That's right, chansu, along with a couple random friends, visited Japan Day 2015, with hopes of seeing some cool cosplays, cool concerts, and cool tent activities!

The Japan Day map, in all it's splendor. No loss of Hello Kitty tens, face painting, traditional Japanese games, and the main studio area, with entertainment up the wazoo!

Among the cool tents were the Charity tent, where they sold newly made Japan Day T-shirts to support the cause of celebrating Japanese culture, and Yo-yo tent which isn't your traditional Yo-yo -- it's a Japanese water balloon attached to an elastic string. Unforunately I didn't have the patience to win one!

Among the performances were amazing Taiko drumming by Soh Daiko, Japanese folkdance, sword fighting, and karate demonstrations. and more. Above, you can see a Live Painting Performance by Takeshi Sato. I wonder what he's painting? :)

The main attraction was of course...

Among the AKB48 attendees were Saho Iwatate, Rina Hirata, Haruna Kojima, Tomu Muto, Rena Nozawa, and Ryoka Oshima. I gotta say, they were pretty kawaii and adorable, and they sung one of my favorite songs: Heavy Rotation!! If you are a AKB0048 fan, you definitely missed out! Be sure to come next year so you don't miss out!!

In the end, it was an awesome time to see people (and animals!) enjoy their normal time at Central Park, with a little Japanese flair to it. Picture of dogs abound (Shiba inu above! Such cute, much fluff, wowee), it was truly a beautiful day to enjoy Japanese culture.

One thing that was pretty bothersome -- the crowds. Who wants to be surrounded by a bunch of random people on a hot day? Well, this was even more than a bunch. I enjoyed my time at Japan Day, but they should have a second stage with a larger audience capacity, and some seating. Like they did at the Japan Days of yore...

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my review of Japan Day 2015, and the pictures that go along with it! Stay tuned on our blog for more Otaku goodness, including some commentary on a specific genre of gaming activity... :)


Monday, May 11, 2015

[AMV] Officially Missing You (Nightcore) - Clannad / Steins;Gate / Toradora

If you think this is cool...

Thank you!

Made by RPGHero :)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Nightcore: Hardcore Not-So-New Music Craze of your Nights

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear all your favorite popular American songs and also your favorite J-pop songs in a new Otaku way? To some Otaku, the answer is holding their breath until they turn blue. To the Otaku who are well versed in Youtube, the answer is NIGHTCORE! That is correct, Nightcore is the new or not-so-new otaku music editing craze that transforms ordinary music into cool remixes fit for a discerning Otaku ear.

At first listen, these songs seem like "chipmunk" edits but they are NOT "chipmunk" edits... However, they are not mere switches of the pitch to create dull "chipmunk" edits. Those are the bad and/or amateur songs that you may be unfortunate enough to come across when searching for your favorite songs. Nightcore music is totally edited and not just the pitch of the song but also the tempo, parts of the track timing and also equalizing elements such as treble and bass are tweaked. To the experienced DJ. the possibilities for a good "Nightcore" edit are endless or possibly not because of their expertise.
Every Nightcore edit on youtube most usually has an anime character, Japanese culture, or manga screenshot added. That means that it's an Otaku thing and not just some punks addicted to Helium who are trying to make everything like their own projection of the world. As much as I love Helium and world projections, Nightcore is about finding a spark of newness and otakulture in otherwise boring mainstream music and overplayed J-pop songs.

Here are a few "Nightcore" edits to show you what I mean (sorry in advance for too many Ariana Grande songs).

You should probably start searching for some of your favorite songs, instead... May you always have happy memories of mainstream music from now on, because of "Nightcore" and Otakulture :)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Oath Sign - Fate/Zero OP 1 (8-Bit)

Just thought I'd remind the viewers what it was like for us before all the newfangled 3D video game systems came out. We would play video games and be enthralled by the music, but later these new systems came out and made us wonder if we were living in the stone age...

Well if we were living in the NES and SNES stone age, how do you explain this? (see video below)

Do you think if all those old games were remastered they'd have cool soundtracks? Think Kirby... Think Mario... Just don't think too hard and hold your breath lol.

You're welcome for the Enlightenment!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

How to be: A Shounen Villian

You got to the tournament early and no one was there... Of course, they'll show... Maybe...

Shounen anime is one of the most popular types of anime there is. It's the one frequently known as the tournament brawler anime. Hopefully, with all the changes in the world this is still true. I used to love watching those tournaments in any shounen anime they were in :)

We all were there once, as kids or teenagers, wishing that we were the hero. That we could stand up to these marauders, swashbucklers, cyborgs, heartless, cruel, dictators, masterminds, hercules, and destroyers... That all have their own personal agenda for a life well lived... haha?
Sunglasses compliment any outfit

And we fought those valiant battles with the main characters of those anime we loved and adored. Those were our teenage years, full of suspense and gripping the edge of our seats cheering for the good guys! ...And almost every time, they won and we were happy :)...That's great!

The only thing wrong with that is that we all live in the real world. That's cool that you felt your personal suspense and gripped your seat (hopefully not too hard). But the ratio of villians to heroes in the real world is a lot more skewed than you think. In an anime that ratio might be 1:10 or 1:20 or even 1:5 depending on the anime. That means 1 villian for either 10, 20, or... 5 good or neutral characters. But that's just an estimate, I think.

In the real world the ratio can be as close as 1:1 or even less?!
Don't worry, we've all been there... I mean I'm here to help.

If we could just understand how the enemy thinks, then we can be ready when it's time. What we have to do is think like a Shounen Villian! 

Example: Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

As if, you're looking for a hero and not a pirate...
He wants to be king of the pirates but when asked if he wanted that because he wanted to be a hero and save people, he said no. What he actually said might be a spoiler but the bottom line is that he'd rather be himself (and be 100% free while doing it) than constantly put his neck out there to save everyone. And... he was pretty harsh about it. He kind of thinks a lot like the same baddies that are after his bounty. They're perfectly content with handing him over to the world government for their own selfish aims.
The key here is: The bad guys want to end the era of freedom on the sea permanently and put themselves on top. They don't care if the ocean is free or not.
Bottom line for you: The world isn't free, make yourself as free as you can be. To heck with everyone else!

The next tip is to... Stop thinking about the advice. Actually stop thinking at all.

Example: Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho
I don't need a Nobel Prize to pry your eyes!
He wants to destroy anyone who might be stronger than him. It all started when he won the demon world tournament as a young man probably in his twenties. His prize was a wish and he wished to be an immortal demon. So since he got his wish he is bored enough that he's going after everyone he trained with in the past and everyone affiliated with them. The question here is... When along the way did he check his brain out and replace it with evil? It was probably somewhere between when he was in his first demon world tournament and his interim as an immortal demon. Either way he sure burned a lot of bridges in his quest to replace his brain with pure evil.
The key here is: Along the way, the bad guys check their brain at baggage and board the train going to nowhere.
Bottom line for you: If the train really is going nowhere, it doesn't make sense to look for the baggage under the train. Stop thinking about stuff, heck stop thinking like a princess!!!

Hmm... How did those bad guys get so strong anyway?

Example: Solf J. Kimblee from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
I just need my cough drops and I'll perk right up!
Kimblee is a military officer in FMA Brotherhood. He may be the most hated character in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. It's not only his irritating and domineering personality but it's his methods for getting stronger. Since the philosopher's stone in this series is made from the life energy of people, Kimblee just can't get enough of it. In fact, he kind of uses little philosophers stones like breath mints or cough drops as seen in one of the openings... :o
That's pretty evil if you ask me haha. Bad guys get stronger at any cost, but usually the cost is footed by someone else who they don't really care about or that they think isn't a real person.
The key here is: Bad guys think normals are potato chips and they just can't get enough, especially if there's a protein content.
Bottom line for you: You like potato chips, so make sure to eat a special bag of your favorite chips in dedication to the people who get on your nerves. Regardless of the protein content XD

But wait... Interject some humor into the situation... Bad guys use humor too.

Example: Sasaki Isaburo from Gintama
It's not creeping if you get a text back, right?
Chief Isaburo from the official police network the Mimawarigumi of the anime Gintama is a bad guy who has time for jokes. He texts Gintoki, pretending to need company and friendship, and also uses textspeak like a little girl. But that all detracts from his evil mission and keeps his intentions in the dark. That makes him a perfect bad guy or just a perfect guy ;) wannabe.
The key here is: He's not above making friends with his enemies before attempting to crush them.
Bottom line for you: Text someone you haven't really texted in a long time. It doesn't really matter if you use a joke or textspeak. In fact, when did it matter? They're not going out of their way to talk to you either. If they don't reply, delete the number. That or get in their face and ask why they didn't reply. There's no in between, with a shounen villian.

I hope this article was informative and inspiration for you, the reader. I also hope it helps you in your otaku journey toward becoming the best! In a world full of different people and vibrant cool guys and girls!

And now a hardened criminal?!
RPGhero out! But I'll be back!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Limit Universe: The Manga Webcomic

Limit Universe

Check out this new and upcoming webcomic on Tumblr by Chansu Hiro for new updates to the prequel for the characters in the Limit Universe series', which include Adventure Second Prime and The Light of Brightonia.

Preview panels are below!

“Introduction”“Special Chivalry”
“Heroic Slacker”
“Do Your Homework”“Theory of Bruise”“Beautiful Realization”
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