PokemonGO hits NYC My-Sweet-Home!

PokemonGO is the summer's new emerging fad among kids and older kids/twenty-somethings. They're all walking around town trying to catch the Pikachu of their dreams. If it were that simple, we would have had something like PokemonGO for everything we do, right? Like food and google maps!

Leaving all of that aside, and how you met your teacher on the bus. There's much more about PokemonGO that fans and otaku think are pretty cool. With the game, the app installed on your smart phone, you can go anywhere your phone goes and catch some of your favorite pokemon 150 or 350. Places have been geo-cached for the app and their stats such as climate, people traffic, leisure electronics, accounts of the players are all merged for the game's interface. That means that if your phone is good enough you can interact with all of those things in the Pokemon Universe. However, be careful because if you're walking the excitement can add to the stress of traveling down the street, whatever that is for you.

The game has Pokemon battle functions there also so some willing trainers may want to fight. If you both agree to a duel, you match your Pokemon with theirs to grow their stats, if you win. The battles can happen anywhere the two players are so they're added to the game's interface capability. Even if you don't battle just playing adds to the PokemonGO system.

It kind of makes us wonder, will Pokemon come out with a DS game with better and more things to do. It would already have been geocached to myriads of millions of places and tech. So play as much PokemonGO as you want and you'll become a Pokemon master before Christmas!


Taste Test : Ramen bombs and Ramen PIzza

I’m sure some of you have seen the little recipe video floating around Facebook for Ramen Bombs by TabiEats, right? I decided to try them out since I was feeling a bit brave...and hungry.

Alright, I wasn’t that brave. I skipped out on the Takoyaki sauce, mayo and bonito flakes since I don’t like 2 of the 3 and didn’t really have a way to get the other. They looked really good and tasted better than I thought.

The only thing I suggest is to refrigerate the ramen balls for an hour or longer. Also don’t forget to add the seasoning packet! It really makes a difference in the taste.

After watching the recipe, YouTube autoplayed another recipe for Ramen Pizza, also by TabiEats. It looked good, so I tried it out about a week or two later. It’s pretty easy if you follow the directions. ^^;

I suggest seasoning the ramen a bit  for added flavor, though you don’t have to. Also make sure you’re not using frozen cheese like I did. It made my pizza a bit watery and makes it hard to eat. Aside from that, it was pretty good!

Want to try these yourself? Here’s the full recipes by Tabi Eats~ Follow and subscribe for more awesome recipes! I’ll be trying more in the future~ ^_^

NHK World TV - News and more from Japan

I think it’s safe to say that most of us want to go to Japan someday.  Anime and manga is a big thing for us, but the history and culture of the amazing country that gave us our obsessions is something we should learn before our trip. My recommendation would be NHK World TV. There’s shows about pretty much everything from Kabuki to robotics. What makes this app really cool is that it’s free AND there’s no ads. You can also watch from your home computer or laptop, so so smartphone or tablet is needed. ^,^

NHK Newsline is the main program. It broadcasts every half hour on Mondays-Fridays  which covers news from around the world as well as Japan.

Japanology Plus covers things that are uniquely Japanese or foreigners that have made Japan their home.

Core Kyoto talks about things and people that originated in Kyoto.

Journeys in Japan talks about the different cities and towns of Japan and what makes them special.

Tokyo Eye 2020 talks about the preparations for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics. .

For music, J-Melo is definitely the go-to program for j-pop and j-rock. It's also my favorite show~

Kawaii International is for anything and everything Kawaii.


Another Appsession...LIne Webtoon

Hello! I’m finally free from work (for today) so I figured to let everyone know I haven’t been kidnapped by ninjas. ^^;

The past month, I’ve actually been trying out a bunch of things which is also what kept me distracted and away from posting. One of which is an app called Line Webtoon. It’s got so many comics to choose from, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one that will capture your interest.

I didn’t want to get the app at first since I thought they only had romance comics, but boredom got the best of me. I downloaded Webtoon onto my phone and started reading a comic called Nightmare Factory by SnaiLords. It’s pretty interesting so far and there’s updates every week which is awesome. I’d share what it’s about, but I think that’s something you should read for yourselves. It’s that awesome.

The only thing I don’t like about the app is that it’s not on the Kindle Fire, but at least the website works on it. ^.^;;

Curious? Here's some recommendations:
Nightmare Factory by SnaiLords
Siren’s Lament by instantmiso
Noblesse by Jeho Son / Kwangsu Lee
UnderPrin by smbryms
Ecstacy Hearts by SilentMaru
Catharsis by Ahniki



(。•ω•。)A poem by RPGhero(๑╯ﻌ╰๑)

A heart unfettered
By the cares of lovers
Finds little gifts
Each in their own box and covers
When one opens the present
Inside there's the kind of love
The heart wants to share
Even the smallest little dove
But the best of all the lovers
Frees everybody standing by with their love
Like an angel's wings flutter
The love inside frees us.
^_^ ^_- =.= ◑︿◐ (●´ϖ`●)(๑・㉨・๑)(*´ω`*)


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