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Monday, July 13, 2015

This Summer, Ganbare Otaku Nakama!


Have you ever had the feeling that everything you do amounts to nothing? The more you try, the more you end up falling back down and having to start at square one. It's one of the worst feelings in the world because it gets in the way of your dreams. Otaku are most susceptible to this feeling in life and everything they do. There's nothing the real world can do to cure you from this either because they're not otaku, like you and me. It might even be more realistic to say that there's nothing IN the real world that you could find to cure us from this horrible reality. For each of us it's different but the condition is the same.
Before we all became seasoned and/or passionate otaku fans, we were dreamers. The potential to dream farther than the reaches of this world was there even before one watches their first great anime series. Maybe your mind wandered to all of the great possibilities in your own life, like a vacation, a pet, a favorite food, a hug from a friend, a love greater than imaginable, and the list can go on for eternity. Then we watched an episode of anime and found kindred, solace, and a cure for the nagging wishes deep inside. But as time went on, we watched more and more anime. The days turned into months and months into years. As the years piled on and each year on your birthday you blew out your candles, wishing, not for an otaku life, but for a grand life filled with the dreams nurtured over the years that grew just as big as you did.

However the world, not being an otaku or one bit partial toward anime, does not judge based off of emotions. But anime is not really about emotions, it goes much deeper than a smile or a laugh. Emotions go up and down over the course of the day, and people are always letting us down. The world is more simple than an otaku dream. If you shed a tear or make a grimace because of sadness or hurt, the world is plenty satisfied. You may believe that the world is out for your dreams, but that is simply not true. It's a faceless, impersonal physical entity composed of the atoms, particles, and light of this Universe that engulfs us all. The world does not understand your dream, within your celestial mind. So grimace, cry, feel pain as much as you can endure because it does not matter in relation to an otaku dream, it's nothing. Sacrificing your wish and your dream over a bit of grimacing, crying, or pain is not even possible at this point. If you've really been an otaku like us, you've watched too much anime, made too many wishes, dreamed too many small dreams, smiled to many smiles, laughed too many laughs, and so on.
No matter how much it seems like the big world is changing at the speed of light and leaving us behind. It simply cannot, for without us the speed of light is far too fast for this world to progress without ending due to sonic implosion. No person, law, situation, predicament, or pinch is too much for a person who believes in their dreams and wishes. And as otaku, we believe in our dreams and wishes more than anyone else in this small space and time, the world that pretends it is truly big...

Ganbare-o Otaku Nakama! 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Go Go America! 4th of July, Americana, and Kantai Collection

"Wait, who actually cares about America right?! This is an anime-video game-otaku related Japan-centric blog?" This is what the girl above is likely saying with aloofness. Not just to tell you guys Happy American Independence Day! (we're an America-based blog), there may be more at foot. 

 Well, girl with America plastered across her chest (literally), let's talk about this in more detail!

It's not any kind of big news to tell you that Japan is obsessed with America, American culture, and our mannerisms! From the constant katakanizing (not a real word but you know what I mean) of English terms to Japanese, taking on a whole new meaning in Japanese (wasei eigo), seeing all the latest English blockbusters (Avengers 2, anyone?) in Japanese theatres, eating common American foods and turning them on their heads ("hamburger" is almost always served without a bun and on a platter, "pizza" has crazy mayonnaise based toppings that would make Hijikata cry in joy, etc)... It's obvious Japan loves American culture. 

Just take a look at that Animu blond female Iron-Man who still manages to be kawaii and have a girly pose. Even back in the days of the original Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the titular generation of Joestars come from English speaking countries before being Japanese. Huh!
Is this girl a ship or a girl? Okay, I can tell it's just a girl. But how about looking below :)

And now, there's a new phase in Japanese otaku culture that focuses on culture in an interesting new way -- Kantai Collection! Well, it's not very new, but the anime was just released prior to this new season. Started as a browser game, then a table top game, then a video game, then an Anime series, Kantai collection (Fleet collection) focuses on traditional sea vessels and, well, just look below...

Ever heard of a battleship otaku? Well, me either, but they exist. And when you turn their deadly sea-faring war machines into chicks, well, they experience some true fandom. 

They range from full on characterizations to just girls equipped with ship-themed weapons, but notice how there are some American battleships?! Well well well, I think that Harrison Ford was never happier to see a tribute to his home country since he had a chilled Kirin Lager beer (kudasai).

I hope you fellow otaku have fond memories of the 4th of July, with fireworks (in your heart), barbeque (lighting a fire in your soul), and good times (now and in the future). We're halfway through 2015 and the Otaku Reviewers are far from over!


Monday, July 6, 2015

Modern Steampunk Soul


Shotaro Kaneda, the main character of Akira

Takeru and Kazuma enjoying lunch, movie:  Freedom Project

Codename Birdy, effortlessly severing the hand of a perp

Characters from anime, "Birdy the Mighty"

Police Lamborgini prototype representation image

Angel Beat's Angel listening to Beats by Dre, a fan created image

President Obama as an optimistic guy winking in front of a portrait of George Washington. Looking over his shoulder...
C The Soul of Money and Possibility Control

Toonami's 2015 Anime Lineup

All images are old media and old news. Modern Steampunk Soul is about the new Steampunk generation that is arising from the ashes of the postmodern era. Left with no semblances of the past, this new generation is not new to the constant barage of choices and advertisements that bombard every website and store in today's world. A rainy, thunderstormy day no longer provides that solace of privacy and happiness for today's Steampunk Soul that would require a week of rain to regain control over the mad scramble for time, space, and energy that is going on in the "real world".

Whether Strauss and Neil are fighting over calling them Millenials or Generation numbers, it's all Modern Steampunk Soul for the otaku of today. Forget all of the new movies and cheap American gadgets that are knockoffs of the prototypes for one minute. Otaku, get their insights from anime and manga, the artform originating from Japan. Names like Steins;Gate are familiar to Otaku, just as Attack on Titan is a household name for an anime fan. Just the same way that mentioning the term "Steampunk" is familiar to any anime fan. It needs no explanation, just imagination and some steampunk goggles. 

All millenials have grown up watching Toonami, well Toonami was popular, right? It can't be erased from the history books like a bad haircut or a few extra pounds. Toonami contained anime shows. Anyone who watched anime knows what its about. Look any Modern Steampunk Soul can see the inflation of corporate greed and human exploitation taking place both in their neighborhoods and on the internet. It's very hard for a Modern Steampunk Soul to look away as it continues to build up and then bust open, the Y2K that was never had is happening. Would the world need steam to power everything when that happens. Maybe not... But the world needs the steam, heat, sweat, and light that resides in the brains of the Steampunk generation to build the Steampunk generation, and not the money rat race that is defining the entire world.

More on this later...

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gintama's Gender-Switch Arc Comes at a Conspicuous Time...

The new Gintama anime (Gintama 2015) has only been up for a few weeks now and it's already getting back into supplying everyone with unbiased laughs and action, with its usual political twist. Usually the anime makes various references to classic anime like Doraemon or Bleach. Then there's all the refs to Japanese stars and politicians. But Gintama cannot and will not stop there! They're looking at America's politics, sometimes...

In one of the newest arcs, all (well most) of the main characters had their genders switched by a group of "amanto" (aliens) that want to test the character's will to be their own gender.

Gintoki became a shorter and seemingly attractive twenty-something, girl. 

And then the girls changed genders too and were more menacing and ruthless than the guys!

Tsukuyo's character actually became a lot like Gintoki, but less pretentious and more playboyish as a man. Is he/she new toughest character?

Sogo Okita and Isao Kondou became attractive chicks, despite being weird for men.

I will not spoil the arc by talking about all of the details and you can watch it for free on Crunchyroll.com. But by the end of the three episode arc, Gintoki will once again say something that will change your perspective on gender and make you feel better, as his character always does.

And whenever you want to laugh or smile, just think about Kagura's male form XD
(Don't ask how she got really old!)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

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