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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Hokage Selection Process

Leaf Hokage Tsunade
The main focus of the anime Naruto is the main character's dream to one day become Hokage of the Leaf Village. The Leaf Village is the capital of the Leaf Region in Naruto, as every region has a village capital. Then the Hokage is the supreme leader of that village and region in the Naruto world. But what a lot of fans sometimes forget is the actual selection process to become Hokage. This article is a refresher course on the Hokage selection process.

The first Leaf Hokage, Hashirama Senju

First of all, that the Hokage is the strongest in the village is true. It goes deeper than that though, since the Hokage has the best worldview and plan for action out of everyone in the village. That's what they call an ideology or a person's plan for life and action. There might be another ninja just as strong as the Hokage but with a different ideology and won't be chosen to become the next Hokage.

Almost Hokage blues :(
And actually the next candidates are selected by someone from another region, the fire region by the Fire Daimyo. Then the candidate has to be approved by a jonin vote of jonin from the Leaf Village. So the next hokage technically has to be known all over the land and be chosen by someone from another country!

Then the hokage has to be liked by everyone in the village. Or they could stage an uprising and go up against him or her. Truly, it's way more complicated than Naruto makes it seem when he boasts and proclaims that he will "BE THE HOKAGE ONE DAY!"

But I think its possible (I haven't made it that far in Shippuden).

Naruto has what it takes... Passion! 
Will Naruto make it to this day?
Still having the Almost Hokage Blues... :(

Kimochi that You won't Let Go!

Eren will be haunted by his feelings whether or not he wins!
Maybe you've heard this phrase in a Jpop song before...

"Hanasa-nai" (Romanization)
"Won't let go" (Translation)

We all have feelings that we just won't let go no matter what. Let's keep this blog post short and to the point. Those feelings are sometimes inexpressible and intangible. It's our otaku fandom and aspiration to be more like the main characters of an anime that allows us to keep trying to find those feelings and use them to make happier. It's basically your duty now that you're an Otaku!
 Like in Bakuman, Mashiro seems like he's always working tirelessly to make a successful anime and marry his crush. But it goes deeper than that because Mashiro is so in love with anime and manga that he's never fazed by hard work and his more skilled rival. In fact, Mashiro's kimochi is so strong that he probably wouldn't have it any other way than work tirelessly because he makes it FUN!

Takagi isn't pictured but Takagi's kimochi lies more in the expressing of his story in manga form. Takagi's kimochi and feelings are in every story. Just like our feelings are in everything we do! Ganbare! Try to have stronger good feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naruto and Sakura?
 Naruto's crush on Sakura is another example. He can't express his love for her because he knows she loves Sasuke. ...and as a future Hokage, Naruto can't stand to live in a world where a comrade would desert the leaf village. Naruto's unexpressible kimochi can only be resolved once he convinces Sasuke to return to Leaf village. But Sakura is onto him and notices that his kimochi is stronger than any normal person. 

Maybe she actually begins to like him for his tsuyoi kimochi!

It's a girl's world!
 Don't forget the girls of anime! A lot of girls just want to fall in love with their crush. All the girls in Toradora have unexpressible kimochi that they won't let go even if each other has the same feelings. This happens in real life a lot. Don't give up girls! One day your crush will like you back and choose you over your friends!

No matter what, your feelings are yours
Your Kimochi that You won't Let Go!

So don't let go of them no matter what! 
Otaku life!

Birdy the Mighty: It's Obviously A Woman's World

Shounen Alert!

So far, Birdy the Mighty is the only action/adventure shounen anime that stars, a female lead. That means a female lead with power in spades and superhero-like strength. Let's recap, this might be the only shounen anime with a STRONG female lead. Strong enough to break your face! hahahaha

Why aren't there more shounen anime out there with female leads, like this one? All of the others are cult interests, like vampires or Halloween towns. Do all girls like vampires and Halloween? That's not the way... Or one day everyone will wake up and the female species... will be gone, presumably to Hogwarts or something. Or they'll be the new villains ..._(O.O)_... Aaaaaah NOooo!

But why not regular heriones???

As anime nerds, we already know that some girls are just regular shounen heroines. But there aren't enough themes and main characters to help a girl out. There should be a long list of shounen, not even "shounen", of action/adventure anime starring girls. Stereotypically, the word shounen refers to boys anime, kind of like the superhero cartoons of Japan. But, then why did you guys in Japan make this one? Just to fly in the face of your own conventions? Make more... Please?

Anime like Birdy the Mighty, show anime fans that it is possible. "Birdy" or her Earth codename, came to Earth from a distant planet to investigate powerful alien criminals that go to Earth to do bad stuff. As events unfold, a human boy gets in the way of a fight. The bad guy uses the boy as a body shield (bravery at its finest or is it typical cowardly bad guy behavior) and Birdy disintegrates him with a full body punch. So... the boy has to be revived on her planet and in the meantime Birdy has to share her body with him... As in, let him use it so he can keep going to school, have a social life, and get good grades. But she still fights aliens when he gets home from school.

Birdy is a typical shounen main character with all the shounen features. She's stubborn, optimistic, brave, impervious to evil, and loves a good challenge. She stands up for what's right in the face of danger and stronger enemies. Plus she can also think with such a hard head...

In fact, if she doesn't wear her superhero suit, she might be a tomboy. If I were a girl, she would be one of my favorite shounen/shoujo heroes and I would lament the anime industry for taking so long to get onto the bandwagon. 
In short, they need to make more strong female leads for anime. For otaku. For you and for me. For the world. For the FREAKING UNIVERSE!

You can catch Birdy the Mighty for free, streaming on Hulu.com

Modeling is her side job!
I always knew there were Otaku like me out there...

[AMV] Officially Missing You (Nightcore) - Clannad / Steins;Gate / Toradora

If you think this is cool...

Thank you!

Made by RPGHero :)

Monday, September 28, 2015

LGBTQ Characters in Anime

If there's any kind of media that's tolerant of all kinds of peoples, it's probably anime. Popular media in general is welcoming and making new roles for LGBTQ characters. However, popular media kind of only sees LGBTQ people as kind of sexual (or sex-u-al), as if they don't have their own unique personality traits and quirks that make them cool characters in their own right. Anime, takes LGBTQ characters to the next level and gives them cool anime traits that make them kind of awesome, anime awesome...

Tiger and Bunny's Fire Emblem

The epitome of lean, refined muscle and an inferno of firepower. The perfect shounen hero, except that he would rather choose between Tiger or Bunny than any of the other characters in the show. At first, he seems very flamboyant almost like the poster child for the gay Afro-character but as the show goes on he becomes a true hero. That's because in addition to being on a show for heroes he is actually fearless, cares for, and protects the weak. Check out a cool AMV with Fire Emblem right below, it's from our own studio and youtube channel.

MM!'s Mio Isurugi

Mio comes off as a girly girl and she is. But psychologically, Mio is a dom and can never actually be a girly girl. She'd rather have a stereotypically male role than a female role, which makes her different, sort of like she can walk both sides of the street. Through the show, she unlocks her peer's inner hentai or variation from the norms of attraction. Just by being around her, one guy came out of the closet and the other main character, the male lead Taro Sado, was able to express his own masochistic desires to the max. Making Mio Isurugi and the Taro a compatible match, but not the straightforward average heterosexual pair.

One Piece's Emporio Ivankov

The Okama Kingdom in One Piece, is a social community of LGBTQ located in one of the lower levels of Impel Down, the most deadly prison in One Piece. Impel Down is famous of destroying the hopes and dreams of the toughest pirates and criminals. It has levels dedicated to subzero temperatures and some levels dedicated to arctic temperatures, others to bloodthirsty monsters. However, the Okama Kingdom, headed by Imperio Ivankov (pictured above) is a flourishing social community with all the amenities of home, in a hidden corner of the expansive prison. The only price to be there is that Ivankov will change your body to the gender you're not comfortable with or take ten years off your life span with his injection power. Ivankov himself or herself, can change genders at will.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Otaku Let's Play! - Breath of Fire II: With a little Help From My... Who Are These Guys Anyway?

On this installment, Jade finally says something in a dialogue box but remains as overlooked as ever... The dragon adventure continues!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gintama's Gender-Switch Arc Comes at a Conspicuous Time...

The new Gintama anime (Gintama 2015) has only been up for a few weeks now and it's already getting back into supplying everyone with unbiased laughs and action, with its usual political twist. Usually the anime makes various references to classic anime like Doraemon or Bleach. Then there's all the refs to Japanese stars and politicians. But Gintama cannot and will not stop there! They're looking at America's politics, sometimes...

In one of the newest arcs, all (well most) of the main characters had their genders switched by a group of "amanto" (aliens) that want to test the character's will to be their own gender.

Gintoki became a shorter and seemingly attractive twenty-something, girl. 

And then the girls changed genders too and were more menacing and ruthless than the guys!

Tsukuyo's character actually became a lot like Gintoki, but less pretentious and more playboyish as a man. Is he/she new toughest character?

Sogo Okita and Isao Kondou became attractive chicks, despite being weird for men.

I will not spoil the arc by talking about all of the details and you can watch it for free on Crunchyroll.com. But by the end of the three episode arc, Gintoki will once again say something that will change your perspective on gender and make you feel better, as his character always does.

And whenever you want to laugh or smile, just think about Kagura's male form XD
(Don't ask how she got really old!)

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