January 11, 2017

Your Very-Cat Corner :D

"Do you know why they invented jet lag?"

"...a coffee salesman..."

"For the one that warns, I mean warms your sheets" 

"..get down and warn breakfast!"

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December 5, 2016

Thought Experiment: Tensai Shoujo Hero

That's right, it's "Tensai Shoujo Hero"!

In romanization that is, "Terrible-Strength Girl Hero"

There's no such thing in anime though. As Chansu says in his One Punch Man review, we kind of root against a hero who has everything easy and shows no effort to win. Though "One Punch Man" is more of a Millenial generation Shounen Hero because he's sarcastic about all of the enemies he beats by using no emotional attachment to them. The whole anime game is changing so...

There are already some old anime like Blood+, Birdy, Haruhi, FLCL, Evangelion, Gundam, and maybe Gintama where there are strong and terrifying female characters that kick ass and pose formidable threats to the main characters, if they are not already. That's how formidable they are in the anime world that there are so few of them starring in their own anime and in the ones that they only co-star they always manage to hurt the main character. If they didn't cartoonize those blows, the main character guy would usually sure die, such as Gintama or FLCL where Ginoki takes ninja knives to the head and FLCL where the boy takes guitars to the face so that he can finally transform again.

It's not a new thing out there. Maybe it causes guys and guy otaku some anxiety to want more anime like it but it shouldn't because they're anime and the real world is much different. It would cause thousands of tons of anxiety for a real life human man to undergo such anxiety! (LOL) So it's best that these kinds of themes are seen more in anime than in real life, right?

That's no cause for otaku to fear. We're already pretty nerdy people who deal with daily hassles already. For those of us who like shounen anime, we maybe already love the "Tensai Shoujo Hero"!

December 4, 2016

Top 3 Anticipated (AND CONFIRMED) Sequels of All Time!

Welcome back, fellow Otaku! Have you ever finished a series, with a non-canon ending that diverges from the manga, or ending on the 20th chapter of what will seem to be 100s of volumes, and felt the sheer sadness of losing your weekly source of enjoyment? We feel your pain, so we grabbed the top 3 most anticipated sequels of all time to satiate your hunger pangs for anime goodness! Let's look toward the future, together!

Without further ado, here they are!

1. Blue Exorcist (SEASON TWO!)
Release Date: Estimated Summer 2017

The new Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist)sequel (Kyoto Impure King Arc) will focus on the two brothers Rin and Yukio Okamura as they battles the spawn of Gehenna and Satan himself to keep the human world (Assiah) safe. Their goal this time? To keep the Impure King from being revived!

I am not the only one who is glad that Blue Exorcist is getting back to the manga plot. With the success of the story line, driven by shounen action and family bonds similar to Full Metal Alchemist, it is a no-brainer to bring the exorcist crew back to our TVs. Expect to see this demon-slaying series back sometime in 2017~!

2. My Hero Academia (SEASON TWO!)
Release Date: TBD

Who has not fallen in love with My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) earlier this year? If not, then you've missed the story of Izuku Midoriya and his foray into the world of Heores! He lives in a world where a large percent of the population is born with a "Quirk" which is basically a super power that evolves as kids age. Poor Izuku, who wished to be a hero more than anyone else, was not born with a "Quirk" and was devastated, until he was given a chance to reach Heroic levels and impress the greatest hero of all time, "All Might"

Season two was confirmed shortly after the series ended, and was met with overwhelming joy by fans of the series! While there is no news of the actual release date or season, we should keep our fingers crossed that it will be back sometime in 2017! PLUS ULTRA!

3. Attack on Titan (SEASON TWO!)
Release Date: Spring 2017

Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) has taken the world by storm as a household name among anime fans, and even those who would normally watch anime have gotten a glimpse of the show. Everyone knows the premise - a world where freakish-looking giants who feed on human flesh have driven humanity  to hide behind giant walls for safety (*Trump approved!*). Eren Jaeger, a teen and resident of this world, has sworn to kill every last titan on earth to avenge his losses. But things soon get complicated as Eren himself is wrapped up in a plot much large than most titans...

Without spoiling much for those who have somehow survived this long without watching the show, Season 2 will kick off where they last left off, jumping into the voluminous manga chapters that have been coming nonstop since the anime finished back in 2013. Will humans finally gain salvation over their situation, or will the largest threat of the Colossal Titan bring us to our demise?! We can only find out in Spring 2017! (or reading the manga)


December 1, 2016

The Mystery of Characters (like Watanuki, Natsume, and Tyki Mikk)

In anime, some characters have this mystical and magical appeal to the viewer that convey such beautiful mysticism that is missing from the world, at large. What happens in the real world, is that it's day to day progression erodes most human aesthetic endeavor into human weakness. This is not so with anime. Even though the characters might have flaws, they always find a way to either look beautiful or find what's missing in their story, here by mystic abilities. This blog post is going to show some of those characters, the good and the bad.

Watanuki Kimihiro

Watanuki is training with Yuuko who is a dimensional witch. He cooks and bakes for her. Among all that, he helps with the errands which include looking into customer life problems involving monsters and spirits. Yuuko might accept him if he works hard enough.

Tyki Mikk

Tyki Mikk is one of the foremost antagonists of D.Gray-man and companion/subordinate of the chief antagonist, The Millenium Earl.

Natsume's grandma, the original owner of the "Book of Friends" and master of the spirit, Nyanko.
Natsume Yuujincho

In Natsume Yuujincho, everything is kind of beautiful and peaceful, kind of like the Japanese ideal of nature. Even with the ghosts of the forest... Natsume's Grandma gave him her "Book of Friends" so he can decide whether they're still friends or moved on...

Nyanko-sensei was surprised when Natsume had a nightmare.

Natsume walking to school in the snow, with his umbrella.

November 22, 2016

We Are X - The History of X Japan

About two weeks ago, I was in Houston, TX to see We Are X, a documentary about X Japan. I was excited once we made it to our seats, but even more so when the lights finally went out. 

It started out at the very beginning with Yoshiki, the band's leader and drummer/pianist, when he was a child. He lost his father to suicide when he was ten years old. By the time he was in high school, he started X Japan with his best friend Toshi, the vocalist. It was the tragedy of Yoshiki's past that inspired the music and lyrics that have become the classics that many X fans know and love today as well as new music he composes, even though he has some problems with his hands. 

Before seeing We Are X, I had wondered why did the band break up when they were so successful? Why is Yoshiki still performing even though he has hand injuries? What's the truth about hide's death? What caused the reunion after so many years? 

When I heard about them in 2006, I looked everywhere for the answers, but only heard them from other fans, some of which made things up knowing new fans would believe anything. Ten years later, my questions were answered by the band in the 94 minutes I spent watching the film. One I had always known the answer to, another no one believed when I said what most likely happened and the others were only half true answers I got from other fans online Throughout the whole documentary, I felt so many things at after another and I loved every second of it.

I may be biased when I say everyone should see this documentary, but that's what I seriously feel. If you have any love for Japanese music, especially Visual Kei bands, you will most likely enjoy this.

Interested? Check out the trailer below or visit the official We Are X website for more info.

PokemonGo and Tomogachi!

What was the real fascination with PokemonGo?
If Pokemon was as great as it was the first time around, you would think that it would be even more popular with the children. It sure was not so, as almost all the new buzz came from Pokemon’s oldest fans. These are the kinds of people who should have joined the ranks of elite CEOs, doctors, and teachers but they were actually late millenials.
What made Pokemon so popular the first time around? Maybe it was the nostalgia and sentimental thrill that it felt to “battle Tomogachi” as those people used to say when they themselves were kids. Back then everyone had a pocketed “tomogachi” finger keychain game on them. The cool thing was that even those tough bullies were so calm, and at peace when they had their “tomogachi” pet with them.
The idea was great, at least for “tomogachi”, everyone could take their mini key chain that had a seemingly living lo-fi grayscale LCD pet inside. At first they start out as a cute blob with two eyes and as time flies in class or home, it becomes older and grows into some kind of J-animal like a video game character and a 1cm by 1cm kitty. The time between these stages of growing up could be a few days or a few weeks. Such cuteness was beautiful to have for such a long time as days and weeks!
Pokemon took a few more years to burst onto the scene. It was totally cool, to battle these hi-powered animals, catch them, and train them for more good times. With an anime and a game it was totally unstoppable. The trading card game was more popular even, than both the anime and the game.

These days, that app and you are the trading card and the popular kings and queens of royalty. Everyone has the app like there’s a bulbasaur in everyone’s bedroom now. You can play it walking or sitting on a train or bus. Then you battle other PokemonGo appers you come across whenever you come across them.

Customizing the trainer’s a plus, so you don’t have to go with just Red or Blue. You can change wardrobes and make your trainer a unique individual. The gyms are when you get close to large, popular places and the pokemon follow the same kind of terrain as on earth, forests and beaches have different pokemon!

October 15, 2016

Horror Movies from Japan - Pt. 2

Hello! I'm back this week with my thoughts on Corpse Party and As the Gods Will. First up, is Corpse Party!

It started out pretty dark as the lights were off in the haunted/abandoned school, but came back with some color. It really didn't seem so bad til I saw one of the evil beings murder someone...then I was scared and covering my eyes. Remember, I'm a scaredy cat that has to watch horror movies with the lights on. ^^;

Anyway, It was pretty close to the video game for the most part except that some characters were either replaced or missing from the script which I felt took away from the story. I also will NEVER EVER play Sachiko Ever After. Why? Because I don't want to risk being murdered by a vengeful spirit. 

One thing that I thought was weird was of the five spirits of Tenjin Elementary, one was more of a zombie than ghost. That made the movie 1000% more scary for me. ^^;

There's a post-credit scene, so watch to the end if you plan on seeing this. Japanese level of this movie is pretty advanced, so if you have been out of practice or a beginner, subtitles are your friend. 

If you love seeing guts and brains all over the place, this movie is right up your alley. You can watch the game play-through which is what I prefer over the movie.

For my second movie this week, I watched As the Gods Will, based on the manga of the same name, or Kami-sama no Iu Toori (神さまの言うとおり). 

It jumped straight into the action with the heads of high school students exploding in a "game" called Daruma ga Koronda. It seems to be played like Red Light, Green Light except if you're caught moving, off with your head. This is just the opening, too. Aside from Daruma-san, Maneki Neko and some Kokeshi show up to "play" with the students as well. 

I haven't read the manga yet, so I'm lost as to who one of the characters was. There were also quite a few flashbacks that cleared things up, but some things were still confusing. This was pretty awesome, but if I were in the same situation as the main characters, I'm sure I would have died. If you play these games without the death, they could actually be pretty fun.

The Japanese level in this movie is also advanced, so you'll need the subs if you aren't on that level. There's lots of blood and a psycho in this movie, but not as much guts as Corpse Party. I actually was able to watch this without hiding, though Daruma-san is pretty creepy.   


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