April 20, 2010

Anime Letter of Recommendation: xxxHolic

Bringing a new meaning to the words I Own You Boy...
(not a direct quote)

Watanuki is a high schooler who can see spirits and monsters that are otherwise invisible to the normal eye. Though he's been seeing them all his life he's always frightened when they start to chase him around. One day while running from the monsters he stumbles onto the property of a Fortune teller. He's mysteriously drawn into her shop and cannot control himself to leave. The Fortune teller, Yuki, meets with him and she tells him she's running a wish granting shop and he must have business at her shop, because "There's no such thing as coincidences". He tells her it would be nice not the see the monsters any more and he ends up with a part-time job at her shop, using his ability to see monsters instead of getting rid of it and, more importantly to Yuki, being her personal butler... Oh and he's got a crush on a girl in his class plus there's a pretty boy who's presence threatens to steal her away. They become integral parts of Watanuki's destiny!

Watch if you dare! But watch the Kei version after the regular version because Kei is the sequel.


  1. For anyone looking to watch the eps, I just found out that Animax Asia is showing them online. :) So you can watch xxxHolic online. Woop!


  2. Not sure if that linked. Let me try it again:

    Watch xxxHolic Episodes Online

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