August 4, 2011

:::Tsundere Spotlight:::

K:  みんなさん, きょうはおげんきですか?
R:  Minna-san, kyou wa ogenkidesuka?
E:  How is everyone doing today?

Today is a special day for many reasons!  This TSL is packed with a load of info--including an Anime/Movie Recommendation and an interesting video with Shoko Nakagawa! You guys might be able to guess who I'm picking this time from some hints in my previous posts but if not:  This TSL goes to the infamous Suzumiya Haruhi from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)!  

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Inspired by recently watching the Haruhi movie:  Suzumiya haruhi no Shoushitsu (The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya) I felt compelled to make this post!

I'll try to keep this short and sweet :)...

And so without further ado, let's move onto the review! =P  

You better not tl;dr this!  I spent a lot of time on it, mo...!  
But it's not like I did it for you or anything!

Table of Contents:
Anime Recommendation
Movie Recommendation


To give you some background on Haruhi before the TSL I thought I'd give you the Rec first.

:::Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Recommendation/Review:::

What would you do if you met God face to face? What would you do if that God was a girl named Suzumiya Haruhi who didn't know she was a God? And what would you do if this God unknowingly alters the state of the world depending on her mood?

As coincidences and paranormal activity hide themselves from the God who craves to see them, what will be the state of the world when her wishes don't seem to be met? Will she take out her frustration on the planet and invoke complete and utter destruction on it or will her club members of the SOS Brigade be able to quell her thirst for excitement and fun?

Join Haruhi's orbit of suspense and mystery and be amazed as you realize that the world DOES in fact revolve around her by watching Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu!  

All I shall say is beware of thy Endless Eight in Season 2...   
The rest is... "禁則事項" / "kinsoku jikou" / "classified"...
:::TSL:  Suzumiya Haruhi:::

To start off I have to say that whether or not Suzumiya Haruhi is a tsundere seems to be a debate but to me it's somewhat obvious that she is in fact a tsundere.  Oh, and I have proof.

Let's start with that, shall we? =P

This is a video with Shoko Nakagawa as an Otakuology Lecturer!  For those who don't know Shoko--she's a very famous Otaku idol in Japan.  Not only she is the daughter of a celebrity (Katsuhiko Nakagawa) but she's very skilled in multiple otaku-related things such as singing, cosplaying, and drawing (manga).  She strives to be a great mangaka while entertaining and representing the otaku world as a TV Personality/Presenter.

Anyway, here's the video!  It's quite funny and seems to resemble the comedy style of Fireball a bit. My argument lies from 4:55 to 6:12 but I suggest you start watching from the start or at least at 2:25 because the whole video is quite enjoyable IMO =P.

(and you can click here for Part 2 if you enjoyed it as much as I did ^^.)

This video leads me to Haruhi's Tsundere Analysis!

Haruhi is a mix:  she's changes over time more generally but also has some episodic deredere snaps while remaining mostly on the tsuntsun side.

More Details:
She starts off not talking to anyone because she was extremely preoccupied with trying to find some paranormal activity but later softens up after meeting and hanging out with the cynical Kyon and seems to "forget" about her goals of finding paranormal people.
As she leads the club into various activities around the school and beyond to have as much fun as possible she seems to mood-swing from boredom to satisfaction and even happiness.  While boredom seems to bring destruction, it seems that her happiness is central to Kyon and a faint romance seems to become evident between Haruhi and Kyon although both characters seem to ignore that possibility.

Careful now--if Haruhi gets bored, the world just might end o.O...

Haruhi is voiced by the famous Aya Hirano who also sang practically all the opening and ending songs. You may also know Aya Hirano as: Konata from Lucky Star, Misa from Death Note, Ume from Kimi ni Todoke, or even Mei from Manabi Straight!

She and her songs are very popular which eventually created a large fan-base and also gave birth to the infamous Hare Hare Yukai Dance!

What?  You've never heard of or seen the Haruhi (Hare Hare Yukai) Dance?  Well that's what I'm here for! =P.  Take a look!  It's a dance compilation from the anime's first ending song/video:

~~~Anime Version~~~

~~~Fan Version~~~

(There are many fan versions out there but I thought these guys were pretty good and is a good example...)

Alright so I already told you about the anime, but what I didn't tell you is what makes the anime so special!  Not only is the characterization and narration styles compelling and exciting, but the storyline is very calm yet surprising with very well-thought-out quirks and phenomena.

For example, even the episode order is a mystery! There are 3 different ways of watching the series (Kyon order, Haruhi order, and DVD order) so before you start watching it make sure you follow one of the paths otherwise it'll be a little too confusing. For more information check out this Wikipedia episode list article.

Well that's all on Haruhi's Tsundere style for now!

Time for some snapshots! ^^

:::Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu (Movie) Recommendation/Review:::

Ahh--where do I begin with the review on my current favorite anime movie of all time?


The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is a wondrous phenomenon that perfectly ties together both seasons of the Haruhi series in a complete and satisfying way while leaving room for a possible continuation in the Season 3 everyone has been hoping for and anticipating.

The anime is done in a very dream-like state that's very emotional as you start to experience everything Kyon is experiencing. The ending left me stunned into a somewhat depressive yet overjoyed state. Depressed that it was over but overjoyed at how great it was. I found myself staring at the credits and trying to sing along to the ending as if it was the last song I'd ever sing.

Watch the movie yourself and maybe you'll understand what I mean. (Note: You MUST watch the previous two seasons first to get the full impact)


What would you do if all of a sudden everyone around you seems to lose their memories and you seem to be plunged into an alternate universe?

Can you fathom the trauma and terror of being trapped in a universe you don't belong? How do you get back? Do you even want to go back? What if this alternate universe is perfect with the sacrifice of your friendships in the previous world? Would you take it's enticing offer or would you try to go back to your world?

Join Kyon on his quest to understand why everyone has suddenly forgotten about Haruhi and why Mikuru, Itsuki, and Yuki all seem powerless.

When you lose it all will you finally come to understand what it is you've lost? And will that brokenness cause you to crumble or will you stand firm long enough so that the openings that are produced will allow light to come in and dispel the darkness?

Only you hold the key to your future. So, tell me--which door will you open?


I hope you guys have all enjoyed my long post on Haruhi-ism and choose to watch the series in the near future!

That's all for now! :)

Oh, and of course, a parting gift :)

Stay tuned for my awesome post on Otakon 2011!

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