August 2, 2011

RPGhero's Take on Otakon 2011

What do I think about the biggest anime convention on the East Coast?

Where do I start? This super convention had over 31,000 people in attendance, more cosplayers than any other convention, and more events.

The highlights of Otakon 2011 for me were:

Seeing Chemistry in concert! 
Chemistry is one of my favorite jpop artists. They are a duo composed of Yoshikuni Dochin and Kaname Kawabata. I can tell you that they gave everything their all. Their stage presence is unmatched. They don't rely on any background track (or very little background) and they put their all into every note. It sounds like you are listening to their CD when they sing, which is pretty amazing!

Going to the Otakon Dance also known as the Otakon RAVE!
The Otakon Rave is one of the most attended events at Otakon, probably second or even first to the Chemistry concert. Previously the only Rave I can compare it to is the rave at Animazement 2010. I can say that this is the biggest rave I have been to and the most wild also. They had over six DJs compared to only two or three at Animazement. On Friday there were two types of music I was able to catch. DJ Saolilith was playing anime music and vocaloid music. See DJ Saolilith below!
 She's a great DJ, I'd say that she's a Moe DJ because I really thought she was cute and loveable! I was jumping high so that she'd notice me ^^ Many at Otakon did not like her because she didn't play anything other than vocaloid and anime music but why would you go to an anime convention to not hear anime music?
On Saturday they played modern club music that was techno remixed so there was a lot of American hiphop and pop which annoyed me because that's where I think the Animazement Rave did better. Animazement's Rave kept both days playing Jpop, Jrap, anime music, and vocaloid. They even remixed them so you could dance to them!

The cosplayers and cosplaying!!
See our cosplay post below! Seeing our favorite characters come to life was amazing. I don't think I saw any bad cosplays at all. There was a lot of cross play, with females cosplaying as male characters and male characters cosplaying as female characters. I didn't see as many villians as I thought. I also saw much less akatsuki than I had braced for, seems like there's an unspoken and unwritten rule not to have hundreds of akatsuki everywhere. Unlike Animazement...

The Dealer's Room!
Well since there were so many people and this was my first super convention, I spent most of my time at the dealer's room. I was looking for RuroKen goods but it seems like stores don't carry them anymore. They did not have many Kintama, I mean Gintama goods either. But they had everything an Otaku could dream of... Stay tuned for Chansu and Deretsun's posts, they'll fill you in on the ins and outs of the dealer's room and their seasoned Otaku experience at Otakon 2011!!! 

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