May 29, 2011

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko {{Spring Anime Recommendation}}

What's tube shaped, squishy inside, and is filled with savory moe? A chikuwa? No! It's...

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko!

[Lit. "Electric wave girl and youthful boy"]

Now, this season is currently being heralded as the rebirth of anime from the flames of natural disaster, and there are plenty of great series' to see, but Denpa Onna is highly recommended! Sankakucomplex lauds it as the "Cutest anime this season"! And there's no denying its kawaii factor... Here's the inside scoop on the plot!

Niwa Makoto is a boy who values youth very
much. He thrives on adolescence and enjoys tabulating the pluses and minuses to his "Adolescence Points." He moves from the countryside to his aunt's place in the city after his parents go abroad. Expecting an especially youthful life in his new environment, Niwa's disappointed to find that his aunt Meme Touwa is the weirdest and flirtatious 39 year old beauty he could ever (not) ask for (apparently advances from your aunt decrease Adolescence points) and she even has a daughter who is equally as strange!

Erio Touwa is a girl who claims to be a spy from outer space. She wraps herself in a futon and hardly ever removes it (even to the extent of eating inside of it!) and listening to television static, mumbling about how "the Earth is being targeted!"

Niwa also meets a super eccentric girl at school (Ryuuko):

...and an especially tall girl who likes unorthodox cosplay (Maekawa):

As strange as his life is becoming, Niwa only finds pluses to his Adolescence points at school...

Until he sees the true beauty and adorableness of his cousin Erio! Niwa makes it his duty to debunk all of her alien conspiracy beliefs to find the truth behind the mysterious Erio.

So why is Denpa Onna so dang cute? The character designs! Have you experienced moe like THIS before? Well?

[She is an alien from planet MOE!!]

Denpa Onna is a very balanced show (although it focuses on cuteness mostly, there is actually a real plot! Yay!)

[The main cast of Denpa Onna, if there were an "Under 40's" age limit.]

If you like comedy, moe, and a couple heartwarming moments of adolescence and craziness, then Denpa Onna is just for you! Highly recommended!


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