January 17, 2015

All Aboard the Kingdom Hearts Hype Train!!

The Door To Light opens for fans of the Kingdom Hearts series!

How many years has it been since an official, honest to goodness sequel of Kingdom Hearts? I can answer that.... 10 years. Ten years. We've had Chain of Memories, coded, 358/2 Days, Birth By Sleep, (re)coded, Dream Drop Distance, and TWO Remixes. Everyone's yearning for that "Three". Well now you can hear the news for yourself!

Along with that, game developers have hinted at newer Disney arrivals (Marvel, Star Wars) to appear in Kingdom Hearts 3. I know what you guys are thinking...

1girl barefoot blonde_hair blue_dress blue_eyes braid cape dress elsa_(frozen) english frozen_(disney) heartless highres kingdom_hearts kokuchuutei long_hair no_pupils see-through side_slit single_braid sitting sitting_on_lap sitting_on_person wariza yellow_eyes1boy a5_arashi blonde_hair blue_eyes boots bullseye cowboy_boots cowboy_hat disney hat horse kingdom_hearts roxas sheriff_badge sheriff_woody sheriff_woody_(cosplay) toy_story

Some Toy Story 3 or Frozen love for Kingdom Hearts? We shall see if that's in the works or not. What we do know is Square is pulling out all the stops to make Kingdom Hearts 3 an amazing experience. They have crafted their own in-house Luminous Engine for game development and are using the Unreal Engine... interestingly enough. This may not be a bad thing, as KH3 will sport cool battle abilities such as Keyblade Transformations and Attraction Flow, a cool way to traverse the battlefield and fight a more dynamic battle.

If you haven't been keeping up with the story of Kingdom Hearts (I mean who has? It's the most convoluted plot of all video game history) KH3 will be picking up right after the events in Dream Drop Distance, so check that game out before the new story begins!

diz donald_duck everyone goofy kairi keyblade kingdom_hearts kingdom_hearts_ii mickey_mouse namine roxas sora



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