January 12, 2015

Aldnoah.Zero, Pre-Season 2: The Futility of Talents Review

To those of you who haven't seen Aldnoah.Zero season 1, beware....

Spoiler Alert!!

What happens when the most talented kid on the block tries his best to fight the opposition, despite the odds and the ever-present threat of death over his shoulder?

That is basically what Aldnoah.Zero is about. Kaizuka Inaho is an ordinary Japanese boy who happens to also be the younger sibling of a Warrant Officer in the futuristic parallel world where Earth discovers ancient power on Mars, and creates an alternate race of humans with a supreme God complex. The Earthling become Terrans and the Martians become Vers. And they all have mechs. But the Martian mechs have super physics-defying powers, while the Earth mechs are a bunch of crap.

Only one boy is smart enough to make due with what he has, an orange colored training mech (called a Kataphrakt) and uses his brains to outsmart opponents when he is severely outmatched... And decides fights because he is a superior tactician and hedges his bets...

But what about that twist ending?? 
It's no wonder that Ei Aoki, Director of such somber works as Fate/Zero, Ga-Rei, and Blood+ would come up with such an ending to the first season, trolling many anime fans across the world.

Just my personal reaction: When I saw the ending of Aldnoah.Zero with a friend, we both sat there dumbstruck for minutes on end as the credits rolled. "What kind of mad scientist concocted such a down-to-life ending? What were they thinking?" And then it hit me: the point of this ending was to say "There are no heroes in anime. There are just the idealistic, and the determined." And in a way that's true to life.

What was the purpose of the entire struggle to save Earth from the Martian onslaught? It doesn't matter; everyone has their own reason to fight, and no one reason is as good as the person it belongs to. Like Fate/Zero, Aldnoah.Zero feels like a biopic -- the trials and tribulations of Kaizuka Inaho, a skilled tactician without the fear and needless worrying of a normal person. Nothing more, nothing less.

I highly recommend that those who've seen Aldnoah.Zero Season one go check out the first episode of Season 2 that is now available! The epic space opera-that would continues to the tragic tune of a futile elegy...!


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