March 6, 2016

Pierrot's Bade & Soul Experience Pt. 2 : Escape the Bandits

Back with an update on my in-game adventures! This week, I made it to level seven! 

Unfortunately, I'm stuck on a chapter called Pirates and Thieves. I was able to defeat one enemy easily, but when I got to an area deeper into the bandit's hideout, there were at least three enemies like the one I beat near the entrance, plus a super strong one. Since he wasn't the character I was looking for, I didn't stick around to fight and just ran past them. Most enemies in games I've played like this usually stop following after you get too far away from where you encounter them, but I found out they will keep chasing you in this one half the time. 

I made it to the area of the hideout where the character I needed to find was. Of course, she wasn't alone, so I went after one of them. As soon as I made a hit, all the enemies from the previous area came at me and killed me within seconds. There was no chance for me to survive at that point, so I just started that area all over from the beginning. I didn't think anything of it and decided to try again, this time taking out the guys I ran past before. 

My second try seemed to be going well til I went after the super strong guy. I don't know what he did, but he pretty much took me out with two hits. I thought maybe I was hurt too much from the other guys, but the third try I had most of my life left and the guy still killed me. X__X;;;

My plan for now is to level up a bit so I can take him out the next time I face him and make it to the next area of the hideout. It's taking a bit longer than I hoped since I'm only getting 19 points for each Bloody Jiangshi or Forest Wolf, but I know I'll make it soon. ^.^

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