November 22, 2021

One Piece vs. One Punch Man --- Review!

While One Piece is considered to be a part of “The Big Three” anime, One Punch Man also does not lag behind and could be considered a part of the “Big Three” shonen anime that recently came out. Both One Piece and One Punch Man are considered the best shonen anime of all time. Filled with breathtaking action, phenomenal storyline and a large number of characters, both these anime are loved by anime fans all around the world. Let’s talk in detail about both of them now!

One Piece --- The Story

Gol D. Roger was considered the strongest pirate who had sailed the Grand Line. However, he was captured and executed by the World Government. Before getting executed, he told the world about his hidden treasure, One Piece. All the pirates started looking for One Piece and wanted it all for themselves.

Monkey D. Luffy was one such pirate who was looking for One Piece. However, he had no comrades, not even a ship. He was able to befriend a number of strange people, adding them to his “Nakama”. Now, Luffy and his Nakama must travel towards the Grand Line in order to get their hands on the legendary treasure, One Piece.

One Punch Man --- The Story

The story of One Punch Man revolves around Saitama who is a boring man. All Saitama wanted since his childhood was to become a superhero. To realize his dream, Saitama trained hard day and night. His training paid off and he became extremely powerful. He was able to defeat huge and powerful monsters with only a punch. 

As time passes by, Saitma gets bored of having weak monsters as his opponents and wanted some thrill in his life. Genos, a 19-year-old Cyborg who had been observing Saitama told him that he would like to be his disciple. He also registers Saitama and himself as a hero so that they could be recognized. Will Saitama ever be able to fight any opponent that is stronger than him?

One Piece and One Punch Man

How are they like each other?

Both One Piece and One Punch Man are action-packed with a huge number of very unique characters with different powers. The action scenes for both the anime are just jaw dropping. Both Luffy and Saitama are extremely powerful and can take any enemy down. The background music and Osts for both of them are also quite enthralling. They make us feel things and create a certain hype as well. 

Is this the end of our anime duel?

While One Punch Man’s animation is better than One Piece’s animation, the cast of One Piece definitely beats One Punch Man’s. Initially, One Piece’s animation was not that good. That’s because it came out in the 90s. It’s animation is extremely good now. On the other hand, One Punch Man’s animation has always been good. It’s really hard to compare the two because both of them are on par with each other. However, One Piece’s fan base is definitely greater. They might disagree with this!


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