May 31, 2011

:::Tsundere Spotlight:::

This TSL goes to none other than Anjou Naruko ("Anaru") from AnoHana!

As you've already heard from RPGHero, AnoHana is one of the hi-lights this season, and personally my favorite for Spring 2011!

So without further ado... let's begin the review! =P

Have you ever had a childhood friend that you lost contact with? Do you ever wish to regain that bond that you once had?

Anaru makes her appearance in AnoHana as a caring character who experienced her friends dissipate after a haunting incident in the past. They were a friendly group of six who drastically became five after a girl named Menma had an "accident" and died.

After 10 years everyone seems to have moved on with their lives, separated. No one seems to have remembered both Menma and their friendships.... Until... Until the boy Anaru admires (Jintan, the main character) claims to now be receiving visits from Menma--no, even worse--she's living with him in his house! Bizarre... who would believe it?? But even if something unbelievable comes directly from the person you care about--it makes it that much *points*-->(a bit more) believable.

Inevitably, this begins to catalyze the renewing of Anaru and Jintan's bond... which--to make a long story short--fuels her tsundere-ism and now we rush off to the Tsundere analysis! (=P)

Anaru (voiced by Haruka Tomatsu) has an episodic polarity much like any other tsunderes nowadays...--don't get me wrong--I love all types of tsunderes quite equally... it's just that I feel bad for poor old "Sebastian"... =P

What makes her stand out from other tsunderes is the fact that she's mostly deredere as opposed to being mostly tsuntsun like a certain someone or even what I like to call "neutral".

She seems to be very concerned with her childhood friends and she's also somewhat of a hidden otaku but not as extreme as Kirino. She works at a video game store and that connection + the fact that she has loads of manga at her house, helps her to reconnect with Jintan much more easily.

She seems to abandon her transient friends to try to rebuild the deep and lasting friendship she thought she had with her old childhood friends.

Her progress doesn't go unnoticed, but sometimes she ends up getting a little down. She seems to always be trying to find who she truly is. And easily impacted by what people around her say, she takes things to heart and ends up in a somewhat depressive state. (But have no fear, Jintan is here)... *ahem*...

It seems that all the childhood friends received the death of Menma in their own way... Anaru's way was to try to replace Menma in Jintan's eyes by wearing her clothing style quite often... She knew that Jintan had feelings for Menma and is quite the jealous tsundere over him. And although she tries to hide it, some of her childhood friends can easily see through her. Almost as if she was transparent (like my opening picture! =P).

Anyway... what will happen to Anaru and Jintan's relationship? What about Anaru and the rest of the her friends? Will they ever be able to reunite? Or will they be dragged along in time by their haunting past, refusing to look towards the future? If you're curious to the answer, you'll have to watch AnoHana to find out! =P.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for... (or at least... I hope you've been somewhat anticipating and/or looking forward to this... u.u...) ...

SNAPSHOT time! (^^)

So that's all for today!

Don't forget to catch Anaru in AnoHana!

Thanks for reading ^^,

Oh and of course, some parting pictures for your troubles =P. When have I ever let you down? o.O


  1. I recently started to watch the series and you know, I really enjoy Anaru's character, more than Menma's, if that's even possible. I kinda relate with her about the''discover yourself'' thing.

    So yeah, she might become my fave character along with Poppo and Jintan.

    1. Hey! I think that's great! I think I also like Anaru more than Menma ^^.

      I agree--she's definitely more relatable through the experiences we see her go through as well as her attitude on certain things.

      Thanks for commenting!




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