August 17, 2010

Unyuu~ Power! The many wondrous faces of Utsuho Reiuji [Touhou Character Profile]

So you reach stage 6, the final stage, of this weird game called “Touhou.” You’re doing pretty well because you’re on easy mode [don’t worry I won’t tell your friends], you even manage to beat that crazy floating black cat that won’t leave you alone. But all of a sudden the screen flashes then grows dark. All that remains in the center is what appears to be a dying sun. You see a girl with black wings but whatever, you just want to win the wretchedly difficult game, so you skip the dialogue and start the boss battle.

Too bad. The combination of epic boss music and zillions of shining white bullets whizzing at you killed you off instantly.

If you’ve ever played and won Touhou 11 – Subterranean Animism, then you’ve met and faced off against Utsuho Reiuji, keeper of the Hell of Blazing Fires. It is debated that her theme music is the only final boss music in a Touhou game that actually sounds like a final boss.

Lets examine Utsuho, shall we? Pitch black hair and wings. Green bow, white shirt, green dress. Ovular ruby on chest. Mantle that reflects the universe in its underside. One leg suspended by atoms, the other leg dipped in radioactive goop. And a massive “third leg” attached to her right arm that regulates her power. It may not be obvious, but Utsuho controls nuclear fusion, and uses her powers to regulate hellfires and attempts to rule all of Gensokyo.

“How can such an adorable wittle girl have such malicious intent?” you may ask. Compare the two pictures below.


The picture on the left is the bird-brained crow that mutters “Unyu?” cutely. The picture on the right is the reincarnation of Yatagarasu, the three legged crow that controls the Sun, ready to kill you with the strongest form of energy known to man. You decide which one is Utsuho, but do it fast before you end up dead…!

[Epic yelling in flames is epic.]

It is believed that, although Utsuho is a raven, loves to eat boiled eggs. As you can imagine, such a contradiction is hilarious. See video below.

[Catchy, isn't it?]

It’s no wonder that some people believe she’s just as profoundly dumb as Cirno. Even with such power under her control, even though she is badass in all form and manner, even though she controls what we cannot, Okuu is still just a bird-brained yokai.


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