July 1, 2010

Deretsun's Top 5 Moe Girls!

We're kicking this month off with a post you have all been waiting for!

*drum roll*... My Top 5 Moe Girls! *massive applause*


Alright, I'm gonna jump right into it!

Compared to Chansu and RPGHero's lists, my moe-list has a different taste. I'll be showing you what my taste in anime girls is. They all are well-drawn and animated and have awesome personalities. Ok, here we go!

はい, はじめましょう!

Number 5
Hiiragi Kagami
Anime: Lucky Star!

She's the older twin of the Hiiragi family who works hard at school and snaps into a tsundere when needed (often to correct our beloved Konata).

Side note:
Kagami comes from the anime where I got my name: Deretsun. It just so happens that in their discussion on Lucky Channel (the ending part of each episode) whether or not Kagami was a tsundere, they ended up creating the word "deretsun" since they didn't know what to call her. You can watch that episode of lucky channel here:

(uploaded myself, of course ^^)

next up:

Number 4
Tachibana Kanade
Anime: Angel Beats!

She's the person they called "Angel," the mysterious silver-haired girl with defensive powers. Who is she really? You're going to have to watch Angel Beats to find out! =P

Number 3
Sunohara Mei
Anime: Clannad

The younger sister of her hilarious brother: Sunohara Youhei. She's a direct opposite from her brother who is not very intelligent and outgoing. She likes to see new things and play cupid between people. Check out the cute Mei in Clannad!

Number 2
Anime: Shakugan no Shana

Meet Shana. While she may seem all sweet and all, beware! She is a full blown tsundere and exhibits her title very proudly and in a metaphoric way as well. She has two sides to her: Her flame haze self (which can represent her tsuntsun side) and her human self (which can represent her deredere side).

Side Note:

And don't forget my favorite voice actress who does our voice: Rie Kugimiya!!! You can watch here in action here:

"queue drum roll..."

The moment you've all been waiting for: My #1 Moe Girl!

Number 1

Anime: Angel Beats!

Yup you guessed right! That character on the banner is also my #1 Moe Girl! Yui is a rocker at heart and also a very cute character with many wishes to be fulfilled. Will her dreams come true? If you want to find out, you're going to have to watch Angel Beats! =P

Angel Beats Spoiler:

Yui sings her own version of the opening My Soul Your Beats. The voice actor changes to Lisa from Lia so it's really cool how they did this! They put a lot of work into it, you can tell. Another reason that you should watch Angel Beats! You can watch it here:

edit: (my video got taken down by copyright people >.<, sorry for this unsubbed version!)

Another picture before you part:

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed my long awaited Top 5!

Thanks for reading! ^^


  1. Hello!! I really like your blog! I love this post.. ^^
    Well, I'm just a little bit new in otaku's things, so.. What is moe? Can you explain, please??
    Bye.. ^^

  2. I'm glad you like our blog! That's very encouraging. (Tell your friends about us :P)

    But the exact definition of moe is disputed. The verb moeru means something like "to bud" so it's kinda like a character that grows on you. A lovable character or how another definition put it: "madly in love without sexual desire". So basically top moe characters for otakus is what characters they think are the cutest (personality, animation, clothing attire (for some lol), etc.)

    Does that answer your question? ^^

    Hope it helped! :)


  3. AAhh.. Thanks! Now I understand.. ^^
    (Because here, in Brazil, I can't find any site that explain me what is the meaning of "moe")
    Well.. Thanks!!
    And continue posting, because I always read.. ^^
    Sayonara ^^

  4. Of course! No problem ^^


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