June 29, 2010

The Last Meal of Kings... Nikuman (Pork Buns)??

There is a certain sage from Naruto Shippuuden who was investigating a far off country, the last thing he bought before fighting his last battle was... Nikuman! or Pork Buns when translated to english. That is why my first Japanese cuisine post will be about Nikuman.

So yes this blog post will be about snacks! Make sure to eat your snacks regularly! hahaha

Nikuman is a japanese food made from flour dough filled with cooked pork or another type of meat. Nikuman are steamed which is how the dough becomes soft and supple, also this is due to a special type of dough.

Nikuman are sold in Japan like hot dogs are sold in the US. They're sold on the streets, food stands, restuarants, convenience stores, etc. They usually sold in the colder winter months because they can be pretty hot right off the steamer or warmer.

I have tried these before as a knock-off special at a casino. They looked like Nikuman but I don't think the taste was of the same quality of real Japanese prepared Nikuman. So one day I hope to try these at a Japanese restuarant and I recommend them for you too!!

Just don't go rushing off the battle right after...

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