May 5, 2016

Super Mario RPG Nostalgia!!!

Remember that game that came out somewhere after the mid-1990's that sold out at Funcoland and was always missing at Blockbuster when you went to rent it?

That game was most likely Super Mario RPG or SMRPG for short! Whether or not you were about 9 or 10 back than is different though. What most people agree on is that SMRPG was a hit and one of the best Mario games that has ever came out, at least until the Nintendo Gamecube was released...

The Secret Boss, Culex

The Toadstools that were hypnotized by Davey Jones, the Pirate Boss from the bottom of the ocean...

SMRPG box art!!!

So Smithy and the gang take over Bowsers Keep

...and Mario gets along with Bowser!!!

The Protagonists of  SMRPG fan art!

One of the cult-fan bases that started was for Geno fans. Geno's character was actually more important than one may think, at least contrary to the first time you played as a kid (if the first time that you played SMRPG was as a child). Geno was special because he knew who Smithy was before the story even began and was the only good guy that came from the same Super-Universe as Smithy... to help Mario and his friends!

SMRPG good guys and bad guys
Another new character to SMRPG was Mallow who believed that he was a frog. Though he looked like a cloud and was plagued with self-doubt over the whole appearance-doesn't-match-my-soul thing, until Mario with Mallow's help, discovered his home was in the clouds... Even after Mallow found out he was from a land in the sky, he never gave up on his identity as a frog...

The SMRPG world map.
No matter how many times I've played SMRPG, the SMRPG world always seems to take more or a lot less time. Sometimes I think it's going to take forever and it goes by really fast or I'm going to breeze through it and it takes longer than I thought haha :D

A remastered picture of the SMRPG world map!

A GIF for Geno!

Fanart of Mario and Princess Peach

Super Mario RPG and the Seven Stars

 Even if they release five more FF or KH games, I'll still probably be always loyal to the SMRPG title. Without SMRPG, Square and Enix wouldn't have learned enough to continue making good games in their other long runners like FF or KH.

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