December 25, 2015

Christmas Cheer!!! Merry Christmas Otaku Friends!!!

Hi everyone! RPGHero here!

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who checks in and also reads this blog. Without you all, we wouldn't be here. I know that some of our readers are from far off countries like The Philippines where there have been some hard times because of the typhoon seasons. Thank you all for reading this blog and liking us on Facebook. You are all the best! A very special Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Anime and manga is a cultural thing. Here in America, everyone is wondering what culture really is, with all of the social change happening. To anybody who likes anime, manga, and games that is their culture, not just a part of it. A big part of life for every Otaku is striving to be better, just like all of those characters from anime. Sure sometimes the days are mundane and the nights are long, but all of it's already been told in the stories of anime... Culture to us, is loving anime and loving our fellow Otaku. ...and that is why we keep blogging, because we are passionate Otaku too, just like you all!

RPGs are very fun and that's why when I was a teenager, I played RPG games for hours on end. Army people know that the RPG is a term for an artillary weapon blast or whatnot. The RPG game genre is for people who like Role Playing Games and that's where my teenage years were spent over the summers and winter breaks. Sure, I could have been getting out more for real but I was a gamer at heart and the 40-80 hour games were my calling. It is from those RPG genre games that many teenagers learned about a different part of the world. Being that RPG games are different than games like Grand Theft Auto or The Sims, they have brought new elements that teenagers can get addicted to that aren't action or violence. RPGs introduced the concept of the Fantastical whether it was the good guy or the bad guy, each RPG had the amazing or crazy element that they added to only some of the game characters.

Games like Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X, both had the fantastical and wondrous elements. But it was kind of funny because both main characters were not that special, they were both kind of jockish, boyish guys that were catapulted into a world where other people were amazing and daresay Fantastical. That really makes the RPG game player think, especially because the main POV is from the character that is the most regular and ordinary but has to adapt to win the game or the girl. Then there's Final Fantasy XIII in which the main character IS a girl but they gave her the most amazing and daresay Fantastical elements in the game, only lagging from every other bad guy in the game (because the game is that hard). Think about it, Lightning, the game's main character is way more of a soldier than either Cloud Strife from FFVII or Tidus from FFX, and she actually knows how to hold her own in a fight, rather than complain or have the other characters react negatively to the world around them, Lightning is comforting because she is a strong personality, in the game. That goes to show that RPG games are changing too. No more, will teenagers waste those summers solely for Cloud Strife or Tidus, even Serge from Chrono Cross, to be disappointed in their emo, introverted personality styles in the super human worlds of Final Fantasy. Fingers-crossed!

Anime too had changed, becoming more liberal than conservative hehe. The hard smack to the main characters seen in the first Gundam series' are now replaced by LGBT positive humor in the newer anime like MM! or Tiger and Bunny. That's good, because its painful to see the main character of those old Gundam treated like a rag doll for frustrated older male characters, just for the main character to climb out of the social hierarchy to be second, only to that one moment... Same goes for anime like Grappler Baki, The Fist of the North Star, and old DBZ. they were all painful to watch when the good guys weren't doing well enough. But even the new anime are kinda painful with Attack on Titan or Deadman Wonderland, they're way more suspenseful and thrilling, in other words not anti-climactic.

Anyway, we hope that anime and video games do keep on changing. That way those who truly like anime and video games will stick with it. The ones who truly like something stay with it through thick and through thin, as their nature and the nature of the things that they like change too. True Otaku will like anime and manga, even to watch the new ones just as much as the old ones. That's the way that Otaku support the changing way of anime media and the treasured manga-ka that continue to create those stories out of the Japanese they were given.

Lucky no Kaze Ni... Dragon Soul and all that good stuff!

...and Merry Christmas to you all! :D



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