April 14, 2016

2nd Prime Time: Village to the Seas

2nd Prime Time
Village Meets the Seas

Fashion ~
For the beginning of the end, or the grander line. Go formal or mix and match your best outerwear. In this try, use light colored clothing or use the darker side. That's to show or hide your inner darkness or light. Choose carefully...

Trafalgar Law

Kuchiki Byakuya

Ego ~
Take a flashback and summon up your kid self. Think of shows like Naruto and One Piece where even before the first episode, the main characters had exciting young childhood lives that contrast with their hardcore adventure.

Blues ~
Don't fall into the trap of being too shounen, be as sad as you are actually during your days. Cry a little or be downcast in the broadcast, even if the days are sunny and warm. There's no turnaround to better days without the blues right there by your side on the bad days.

Mandala Harmony ~
What comes to mind in anime is FMA brotherhood or Clannad's Dango Daikazoku, right? Your own unity circle is between those two in truth. Put personal things in or even put some people in. You won't have good or bad dreams, without one (^^;)

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