April 13, 2016

2nd Prime Time: D2D

D2D: Dream 2 Dream 

This begins the newest O.Rev. series, 2nd Prime Time. This is meant to highlight various otaku and pop culture memes that have "it", referring to the essence of being hip, fresh, and cool as passionate followers of our nerdy niche of pop culture, i.e. anime, manga, video games, and other pop culture otherwise created and conceived in Japan, that small yet way advanced Asian country. There is no format, the information is intended solely for the readers.

Style + Fashion- ~~~ Colors~~~
To gain a real style that sets you apart in the world of popular culture, one way to achieve this without actually discovering new articles of clothing and accessories is to change your colors. They can be changed to match your unique ideals. Use the link right over this text to find some color meanings for your own new style. Choose any clothes, the ones you like only only on color for a while and you'll notice a change. If it doesn't work, it'll buy you enough time to get more clothes and colors!

Ego + Power ~~~RPG~~~
In RPG and shounen anime, all characters have a class and a power. We know that, we here at O.Rev. have taken that journey for what seems to be years. We've seen conventions and we've been near other anime fans in their unique late adolescence or adulthood... We're convinced in the blaring controversy of the emerging current events, that normal, regular people are endowed with special traits. This is to save new anime manga video gamers the stress of wondering why not. Don't. There is a wikihow for everything, try learning Yusuke's spirit blast or Goku's Kamehameha before bed. You will get those powers in your dreams, trust me it works. It beats not having good dreams...

Accessories~~~ Journal/Smartphone notes
Use your smartphone for notes. If you take down enough notes, you'll have a log of notes from various dates that you can check. Once you have a long list, it helps. Just don't lose your phone or you'll lose your long range track of thoughts. And your phone.

Nakama factor:
"Travel the ocean, no one is born without nakama!" Jaguar Saul
One Piece

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