September 17, 2015

Gintama's Gender-Switch Arc Comes at a Conspicuous Time...

The new Gintama anime (Gintama 2015) has only been up for a few weeks now and it's already getting back into supplying everyone with unbiased laughs and action, with its usual political twist. Usually the anime makes various references to classic anime like Doraemon or Bleach. Then there's all the refs to Japanese stars and politicians. But Gintama cannot and will not stop there! They're looking at America's politics, sometimes...

In one of the newest arcs, all (well most) of the main characters had their genders switched by a group of "amanto" (aliens) that want to test the character's will to be their own gender.

Gintoki became a shorter and seemingly attractive twenty-something, girl. 

And then the girls changed genders too and were more menacing and ruthless than the guys!

Tsukuyo's character actually became a lot like Gintoki, but less pretentious and more playboyish as a man. Is he/she new toughest character?

Sogo Okita and Isao Kondou became attractive chicks, despite being weird for men.

I will not spoil the arc by talking about all of the details and you can watch it for free on But by the end of the three episode arc, Gintoki will once again say something that will change your perspective on gender and make you feel better, as his character always does.

And whenever you want to laugh or smile, just think about Kagura's male form XD
(Don't ask how she got really old!)

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