September 12, 2015

What's your anime personality type? (MBTI)

Most of these guys are the same personality type, but some are different!!

Remember my post on anime and MBTI personality types? Click here
Well I made a way to figure out what anime characters you are like!

Take this quiz and find out!
Made by RPGhero-San!


  1. I got ISFJ but I'm INTP. I only scored 2% INTP on this, lol. That was a surprise!

  2. It may be because you have some extroverted tendencies... and the test needs a few more questions to hone its accuracy, to be honest.

  3. wow i have explosive temperament just like russian women haha they are crazy but extremely HOT!

  4. Each entertainer is needed to risk himself persistently, regardless of whether it's at a tryout or before a group of people.



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