August 1, 2015

Otaku Talk by RPGHero

Why do otaku love animals, cute characters, stylish clothing, sweet foods, and cool accessories?

Animals are naturally cute and cool. They have marble-like eyes that see very well and they're really comfortable and reliable as friends. If they let you lean on them or be their resting companion, you will gain a familiar for life. That, and their personality is always unique. Us otaku love and cherish our unique personalities as positive and creative forces in the Universe.

Why would a cute character be appealing to a grown man or... to the average otaku? Usually Otaku ARE NOT grown men. Most strong guys always say, "I wish I could be an otaku for life" if they were an actual otaku before they grew up... Cherish your days to watch anime, it's pretty cool in the anime world!

Who would say that they actually like anime?  POV --> Otaku.


Cute characters are the main characters, or they would be cuter still as villains. Villians make the cutest cute characters, right? :D

 Not chibi, because any character can be turned into a chibi with little or no effort from a skilled manga artist. Chibi means a very short pudgy rep of a usually different character in an anime. Villians are not chibi when you first meet them and that goes for any main character. 

That and girl anime characters are NOT chibi but can be drawn into a chibi mode! :O

And a cute character is a idealist model of the chibi style but usually as the star of the show and main character for*ever.

If you're not a cute character, you might be a minion, or even one of the Strawhat pirates but not Luffy. Sorry about the random One Piece reference, characteristic of RPGhero the blogger!

Style is key to shoujo life! Matching colors and being the best possible individual is the goal of life and anime, right? Some anime characters don't have fashion sense but they have a unique style, usually they're shounen chars. But shoujo anime have such style and fashion sense that no shounen anime could match...

Boys and girl's characters alike in shoujo are always dressed to impress, even in the most unusual of plot-lines.

Shounen is stylish too, the clothing is unique. And remember, the key here never leave home without a smile. Most shounen heroes smile no matter what is happening to them in the present moment. They know they're gonna win!

Maybe the Tensai Shoujo Girl and the Ultimate Shounen Hero have a chance to finally take over the real world.

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