July 8, 2015

Go Go America! 4th of July, Americana, and Kantai Collection

"Wait, who actually cares about America right?! This is an anime-video game-otaku related Japan-centric blog?" This is what the girl above is likely saying with aloofness. Not just to tell you guys Happy American Independence Day! (we're an America-based blog), there may be more at foot. 

 Well, girl with America plastered across her chest (literally), let's talk about this in more detail!

It's not any kind of big news to tell you that Japan is obsessed with America, American culture, and our mannerisms! From the constant katakanizing (not a real word but you know what I mean) of English terms to Japanese, taking on a whole new meaning in Japanese (wasei eigo), seeing all the latest English blockbusters (Avengers 2, anyone?) in Japanese theatres, eating common American foods and turning them on their heads ("hamburger" is almost always served without a bun and on a platter, "pizza" has crazy mayonnaise based toppings that would make Hijikata cry in joy, etc)... It's obvious Japan loves American culture. 

Just take a look at that Animu blond female Iron-Man who still manages to be kawaii and have a girly pose. Even back in the days of the original Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the titular generation of Joestars come from English speaking countries before being Japanese. Huh!
Is this girl a ship or a girl? Okay, I can tell it's just a girl. But how about looking below :)

And now, there's a new phase in Japanese otaku culture that focuses on culture in an interesting new way -- Kantai Collection! Well, it's not very new, but the anime was just released prior to this new season. Started as a browser game, then a table top game, then a video game, then an Anime series, Kantai collection (Fleet collection) focuses on traditional sea vessels and, well, just look below...

Ever heard of a battleship otaku? Well, me either, but they exist. And when you turn their deadly sea-faring war machines into chicks, well, they experience some true fandom. 

They range from full on characterizations to just girls equipped with ship-themed weapons, but notice how there are some American battleships?! Well well well, I think that Harrison Ford was never happier to see a tribute to his home country since he had a chilled Kirin Lager beer (kudasai).

I hope you fellow otaku have fond memories of the 4th of July, with fireworks (in your heart), barbeque (lighting a fire in your soul), and good times (now and in the future). We're halfway through 2015 and the Otaku Reviewers are far from over!


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