September 10, 2010

Guess What? My Blood Type is Also B

Inspired by RPGHero's post, I'll make my own short profile of anime-based blood type readings.

So my blood type is B+, like RPGHero. The Japanese believe that people's blood types can determine their general character traits. Read below for the exact descriptions given in his posts for blood type character traits. In Japanese, "blood type" is "ketsuekigata," or "gata" for short. So, I am "B-gata".

Like horoscopes and other supernatural divination, blood type personality traits are purely subjective, and most times used playfully. Famous idols [and as you saw in RPGHero's post, anime characters] are usually weighed next to their blood types. If, say, an AB type super-star were to play off tripping at a famous event smoothly and cool, people would most like comment that it's "just like them to be so well composed, due to his/her blood type."

Wikipedia says that B-gata types are active, passionate, strong, and irresponsible. No wonder this is a pseudoscience, I don't fit in there at all personally. But other's may disagree... the people closest to you are usually your most trusted measuring rod.

Some people take blood types way too seriously though. For example, it's possible to be treated a different way if someone assumes you have a pre-set disposition. Or an overambitious person may only date blood types that appeal to their favorite personalities. But there are many more people who just see it as a fun fact than a dividing factor. Either way, its clear that ketsuekigata are important in Japanese society.

Well, I can play along. Here are a few people from anime that share my blood type:

Utena Tenjou [Revolutionary Girl Utena]

Lacus Clyne [Gundam Seed]

Misao Makimachi [Rurouni Kenshin]

Near [Death Note]

Meilin [Card Captor Sakura]

Ritsuko Akagai [Neo Genesis Evangelion]

Try it out guys, See what anime characters share your blood type!



  1. And you would be Near from Deathnote lol. I haven't got that far but he seems like the most calculating of them all.



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