September 11, 2010

Vocaloid Track of the Whenever I Feel Like It 12 [Double Header] {Season One Finale!}

Konbanwa, fair bloggers. Over the past seven months I've taken you humble explorers of music on a journey through Vocaloid's greatest songs, created by seasoned artisans of the trade. If you had never heard of Vocaloid, hopefully you've gained a deep empathy for the music. If you've been a Vocaloid fan since Day 1 then there were probably no surprises, but you got to laugh, cry, and tap your feet with us and nothing's more fun than that!

For this "Season End" post, I have reserved two Hatsune Miku songs that I think deserve this spot. But the great thing they have in common is that their PVs don't show Miku whatsoever. Yup, not a single mention or glimpse. Now now, I love our green-haired electric angel as much as the rest of you, but what good is music if we all can't relate? Sad to say but, we're all not Hatsune Miku.

So instead take the musical stylings of Miku, mix in a couple anonymous cute female characters, and you have some of the greatest songs to ever grace the internet! I hope you're taking notes, dear readers!

The first song, "LeftBehind City," can relate to almost anyone who ever felt marginalized or was in love but felt suffocated by constrictions. When things are rushed or cramped it might feel like the world is leaving you behind... is it okay to desire the same old tired love? Where is the world that we dreamed of, filled with color? Follow torinoko-onna [as I've dubbed her. She is also meganekko but that's over-used :3] as she searches for the answer.

Hatsune Miku - LeftBehind City

The second song, "Hello, How are You" deals with everyday anxieties, and maybe a little more. Behind the cuteness and upbeat feel of the song there's the story of pumpkin-onna [as the picture shows, her hairstyle makes it look like she has a pumpkin on her head! かわいい~] who wonders about the worth of all the things she's done, her anxieties and fears, and how people just can't tell how she's feeling without words...

"So I ・ Ask you ・ Hello ・ How are you?

Hatsune Miku [Soft] - Hello/How are you

[This song is also a Miku Append! "Soft" version.]

I hope you guys enjoyed the first "Season" of Vocaloid Track of the Whenever I Feel Like It! It's been fun sharing great music with you guys. And don't count this series out either! They'll still appear whenever I feel like it, of course.

Vocaloids have a mysterious power. It's very ironic as well too. Vocaloid music is so unique and interesting and impactful yet it is sung without a human singer. But it's that same way of thinking outside of the box that brings about even greater music, art, and creativity.

Keep a lookout for the next installment, and in the meantime remember:

I didn't subtitle or create this video or music. I don't own it. Don't kill me copyright people.


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