February 2, 2011

Otaku Helping Others: Character Personality Types...An Intro

This is Otaku Helping Others part Eight. It's for hardcore otaku and possibly people who are bored.

There once was a European psychologist named Carl Jung. He created these personality types. Later other psycholgists took his personality types and found a way to creat 16 different types of personalities. More or less any of us falls into one (or maybe two closely related) personality types.

Click here for an accurate personality type test! - But it's longer
Click here for another accurate test!
Click here for a fast personality test! - But it might not be accurate

If you take your personality test in all three or even find more tests and they all kinda get different results, the best way to resolve it is to choose the one that you like the most. The one that gives you the most freedom as a person.

There's a website called www.personalitycafe.com where Otaku who claim to be expert (or just very good) typlogists try to find the type of various anime characters. Why don't we see what they think? (and other forums on the net)

Sawada Tsunayoshi
(Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn!) Sawada Tsunayoshi or Tsuna for short is both an INFP and an INFJ according to one poster.

 Normal Tsuna is an INFP, timid, rather be alone, carefree and kinda goofy but he really cares about others. Like me... ^^

Tsuna in Hyper Dying Will Mode is an INFJ, only the J changed meaning that tsuna isn't goofy anymore and will stop at nothing to get things done.

 (Gundam 00) Setsuna F. Seiei is said to be an INTJ. An introverted person who relies heavily on intuition. Dominated by a world of thoughts and his feelings are a mere product of his thoughts. The J is also in his type for the same reason as Hyper Dying will Tsuna.

 (Cowboy Bebop) Spike Spiegel is reported to be an ISTP. He's cool, calm, and about a strategy. The calm carefree aspect is the P. He's a Sensate person, doing extremely well in fights relying not on intuition as much as his opponents movement.

 Much has been said about Goku (DragonballZ). The reports are mixed between ESFP and ENFP. That's an obvious mix. He relies on both intuition and the opponents movements to fight and in his relationships. He's obviously an extravert, however some think he might like his alone time. And Feeling care and emotion for others is always in everyone's report. Oh and being a carefree P. I would argue that he's unconsciously J for Judging as he will stop at NOTHING to win, a characteristic of the J types. But then he always wants mercy for some of his opponents so lets leave the P.

Bulma (DragonballZ) one of Goku's friends is reported as an ENTP. Two different forums agreed on this actually. She's extraverted and likes to talk. She relies on her intuition especially when she doesn't want to be on Planet Namek in the Frieza Saga. And she's pretty rational mixed with carefree.

Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop) is said to be either ENFP or INFP. Wait ENFP? Or INFP? Wasn't that Tsuna's? I guess that's why they say she's extraverted. She has no problem dealing with people so I would say she's definitely an ENFP.

That brings me to a point. These are personalities, not if you're positive or negative. Faye can be a pain to Spike and Jet through her attitude.

Ok! Last one guys! Ichigo Kurosaki! (Bleach)
People are deciding well have decided on two very different personality types. One is ENFJ and the other is ISFP. Well if you want to continue this as a hobby to find out more about yourself. What you'll have to do is choose which one you think he is!

I think he's an ISFP. A fairly private person who likes to be immersed in the world (oxymoron). He feels for his friends and all of Karakura town, reacting to stuff instead of being proactive, P.

If you want to see what people have reported, just go to Google.com and search the characters name and "MBTI". There are many internet forums dedicated to this sort of stuff. Maybe you might even characterize them. For me it helps me understand the whole MBTI better to have illustrations. Oh and another thing. People can be even more than their ideal personality. An anime character is limited to his or her story.

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