March 1, 2013

Croixleur - An Arcade Game Review

Croixleur is an indie game developed by souvenir circ. It's an arcade game that boasts a lot of hacking and slashing. And if you play it on Normal mode or Hard mode, you bet your *** there's a lot of hacking and slashing. In other words it's challenging and kind of addicting.

A lot of the games published by NYU Media begin with a VERY wordy story, and this one is no different. Without voice actors, it seems like a lot of reading. But if you remember those old nostalgic games of the past, most of the dialogue was a ton of reading.

Every time you lose the game you'll have to start over at the very beginning. There's no saving.

However, if you gain new swords over the course of the game you can use them next time you have to start over. Actually one of the main perks is getting new swords and stuff.

The story follows our red-haired heroine Lucrezia and her rival, Fran. They kind of have a love-hate relationship.

There might also be some kind of sexual tension between them. However, I don't think you'll see any good stuff. But there's definitely moe between them ;)

Well I tried my best to film my impressions of this promising indie game. You can see the a lot of the gameplay in this video. Overall, if you get addicted to games easily you'll get addicted to this one. I was playing it on Normal mode which is very challenging. I'd say that easy mode is way too easy and hard mode is way too hard.

 I bet you can't make it this far....

Or this far....

This game only costs $4.99 to download and have all to yourself. It's pretty good if you're bored and you have a lot of pent up anger. It can be beaten pretty quickly though.

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