April 16, 2013

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. April 2013

Hello everyone this is chansu, back with a vengeance! I did the research, I made the journey, and I witnessed the beauty... What am I talking about you ask? I am referring to the 53rd Annual Cherry Blossom Festival at Washington D.C. of course!

I got a few snapshots, so let me give you the lo-down on some of the most pre-con season fun you can have during sakura blooming season!

Sakura Matsuri - Japanese Street Festival

Cherry blossoms (sakura) are the flower of Japan. They represent their national identity, and the beautiful nature that is all over Japan. As a show of peace between Japan and America, Japan gave us hundreds of sakura trees to furnish the country's fine capital.

Hearing this, I had the desire to see what the fuss was about. And maybe have some Japan-style fun!

The Trip

Through the D.C. subway tunnels...

...and past some awesome patriotic statues...

... I arrived at the line that marked the entrance of the great festival!

It was only a quick 10 minutes before I was at the front gates~

The Festival

This festival was massive in size, comparable only to Central Park's Japan Day festival. But the structure was that of the other festival we witnessed in New York City. Needless to say, it was packed!


... everywhere...

...!!! Cosplay!

...!!! And is that takoyaki I smell?! Delicious!

There were plenty of activities, including the National Conference of State Societies Princess concession. Not the best picture I could muster but you get the point.

There was also tons of shops where you could buy anything found in a typical convention. I didn't get any pics, too busy browsing the wares and -- hey look some gates!

All in all a great experience...

The Blossoms

After being worn out by the street festival it was time to relax while viewing the blossoms. But can you believe it, there were lots of people here too!

It was still fun, although the sakura were pretty underwhelming...

Pretty nonetheless... also, awesome kimono-wearing troupe!

The End

I ate good food and drank good drinks.


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