February 24, 2013

Happy Belated Cat Day! Nyan Nyan Day!

On February 22nd, Japan celebrated it's 27th annual cat day. Japan is a country that has the highest rates of people owning cats, in the world. It's no surprise that they have a national day of cat adoration. Accurately quoted as "Nyan Nyan Nyan Day" as nyan is the Japanese onomatopea for the cat's meow and it's been going since 1987.

In anime there are more cat references and homages than you could even count. Think about the black cat in trigun, or the talking cat in fairy tail, or the numerous cats in Miyazaki films. There are so many that still have not been mentioned. The cats are just that awesome!

The news tabloids have stated that this video is why the sound for meow is nyan in Japan. I wonder if that is actually correct. This is just a nico nico meme, kind of like saying some American youtube meme is the reason we do something... Anyway just watch.

Deretsun loves this video! LOL

The mysterious black cat that always pops up in Trigun

Miyazaki's "My Neighbor Totoro"

An anime dedicated to the story of Chi, an average cat, "Chi's Sweet Home"

Miyazaki's "The Cat Returns", stars a humanoid cat who guides a young girl on an adventure

I'm not sure which Miyazaki film this is lol.

Fairy Tail sports a talking cat named Happy!

Happy Belated Cat Day!!!

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