November 7, 2011

【J-Music Remixes】 4 - Ambiance in Vocaloid {ELECTROCUTICA}

Welcome to the segment on J-Music Remixes, where conventional Japanese music is given an upheaval and shaken in ways we don't usually see. Last time we looked at Vocaloid Composers working with real singers; this is a spinoff of that, but in an entirely different genre.

Are you prepared to be electrocuted? Or rather, ELECTROCUTICAted? Laugh at my bad pun, reader! Laugh before I make more! I'll shock you with an Arca aimed straight at your Hysteresis, unless you sigh relief with the First "A"lphabetical letter! Frustrated? Want to know more? Come right in, the doctor is ready.

I would like to discuss music that only has one purpose -- to make the listener feel the strongest emotions possible. Winter is the perfect time to experience such ambient music. While, of course subjective, the kind of ambiance purported by such music is that of a classical score, hitting all ranges of emotion from a rush to a lull, like the falling of snow. That said, I believe the Vocaloid composer team ELECTROCUTICA does this best.

"Why is that so?" you ask? Well, we all know that Vocaloids are not only synthesized voices but musical instruments (as well as very cute characters). The way that ELECTROCUTICA mixes both human voices, Vocaloid voices, and symphony is truly something that hardly even requires a clear understanding of what's being said. It is, in fact, a nod to high art itself and quite frankly it should be treated as such. And you thought being an Otaku was a hobby? Hah!

Treow (sakashoudou-P, composer for "Chaining Intention" at the start of the VTotWIFLI Season 2) one of the main composers for ELECTROCUTICA, known for their excellent instrumentals. Other Vocaloid composers such as AVtechNO!, millstones, zudodon, and 8#prince; as well as famous singers such as Yanaginagi, F9, luschka, and Kiyono often team up with ELECTROCUTICA, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, and GUMI to create some awesomely unique pieces of music.

ELECTROCUTICA's page on YouTube has this description:
ELECTROCUTICA is a creative music company based in Tokyo which is managed by artists. With Treow (Composer) and Shizuka Kitajima (Producer, Director, Designer) as main creators, we invite various talented artists to work on different projects and manage everything from composition to recording, production, promotion, sales online and at conventions to reach their listeners.
Of course, Otaku Reviewers supports them and hopes that you'll buy their music! It is very calming at times, often frantic, maybe something one might put as interesting BGM to a certain Nintendo-based fighting brawler game. It is really something amazing to hear, and I've prepared a collection of some of my favorite songs below:

[An 8+ minute long ballad, Lyrics in Japanese and what seems to be Latin? Not for the impatient.]

Hatsune Miku - Theory of Love (Feat. Treow)

»English Translation«

Hatsune Miku - Arca (Feat. Treow)

»English Translation«

Hatsune Miku - First "A"lphabet (Feat. Treow)

Yanaginaga - Hysteresis (Feat. Treow)

I hope you enjoyed today's segment! And maybe got an enlightening experience or two out of it! Make sure you visit Electrocutica's youtube page and website! They even sell novelties!

Like this ... pillow!

Keep mixin'~  =P


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