July 20, 2011

【J-Music Remixes】 3 - Vocaloid Composers with Real Singers? {DECO*27}

Sometimes when checking out Vocaloid music, it's hard to imagine that the songs are made by master composers. Our loveable Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin/Len, Megurine Luka, and others work alongside skilled professionals that give them the ability to sing better than most "real" people.

But let's say you've thought that far ahead. You are a true otaku -- falling in love with the melodies and baselines of popular NND artists. At this point you must've realized, "Hey, these guys have some real talent! I wonder why they're off making independent works instead of, I don't know, being hired by the music, movie, and media industries!"

The man, himself, Hyadain!

Well your thoughts aren't as far-fetched as you'd believe. Well, as far-fetched. Check out Hyadain for instance -- at one minute he's making hilarious video game remixes and creating his own anthem for NND; and at the next he's producing one of One Piece's greatest openings, "Share the World" along with the opening music to the recent hit comedy "Nichijou"  [PV with Hyadain]! So of course there must be a happy median between being a professional and having fun.

In this segment of 【J-Music Remixes】, we'll be looking at a couple songs from DECO*27, who created hit Vocaloid songs as well as worked with other great singers!

(Click "Read more" to watch some epic J-pop videos by DECO*27!)
DECO*27 has been featured in Vocaloid Track of the Whenever I Feel Like It for his song "Yowamushi Montblanc" but he has also made lots of great Vocaloid songs such as "Pedal Heart," "Ai Kotoba," and "Step to You"!

The first song, "Love-Lost Elegy", mixes the feel of a Vocaloid song (and many references) with the great vocals of Marina! For those of you who don't know, Marina is one of the singers for Girls Dead Monster, from the hit anime Angel Beats! Her voice has an edgier feel in this song, but after watching it you can probably tell that it's a very complex and fast-paced song.

Free cookies for whoever can catch the PV style from another famous DECO*27 Vocaloid song, and also the reference to another Miku song by DECO*27 in the lyrics!

Love Lost Elegy - DECO*27 feat. Marina

The next video, and my personal favorite, is "Light Lag"! The singer, Topi, isn't as well known, but the video and the pacing of the song is so stunning that I can't help but love it! It also have a fresh summery feel so hopefully you will enjoy it as well.

[Also near the end I can hear a guy singing with her in the background... could he possibly be DECO*27? Catching on like Hyadain, I see? :)]

"And yet you said a single "It's beautiful," 
To the flowery light that dyed my face, and my heart pounded..."

Light Lag - DECO*27 feat. Topi

I hope you enjoyed the videos and today's 【J-Music Remixes】! For a look at past posts:

Have a great summer all! Might see you at Otakon ;)


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