March 19, 2011

【J-Music Remixes】 Human Vocaloids?!

Hey blog-goers, tired of hearing your favorite tunes the way they're always played? We all know there's a lasting nostalgia to music we've come to love, but it's also possible to deepen our love for our favorite songs through well-made remixes! Thus, J-Music Remixes has come into existence. This segment will feature cool and interesting remakings of songs we know and love, highlighting many features of Japanese underground and internet (ニコニコ mostly) melodious communities.

Today's focus, as the title says, is on Human Vocaloids. Now, surely I've lost it right? Humans can't be Vocaloids, right?! Well, actually Vocaloids are made from human voices to start! So there's nothing wrong with a couple Human Vocaloids here and there, right?

Let's get this straight: "Human Vocaloids" are Vocaloid sound libraries made from the actual voices of people/singers. The reason they sound different is because they borrow the person's voice directly. Take a listen to this remake of Kokoro, done by none other than Utada Hikaru.

[You can pick up on her unique singing style immediately!]

You must be thinking, "Wow that was amazing! Why haven't I heard of this before?!" Well, that's because it's somewhat on the bounds of legality, and hard to do. I say this because there's no proof that this Human Vocaloid was made under Hikky's approval... But it's so brilliantly awesome!

For those of you that follow Tsundere of the Month (more importantly, know of the Four Tsundere Wonders), I have something you might like! A tsundere rendition of "World is Mine" by Hatsune Miku!

[I-it's not like I love Tsundere-loids or anything, baka!]

Well made Human Vocaloid songs are hard to come by. If you find any more, drop them in the comments! Otherwise, enjoy!

Keep mixin'~


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