November 8, 2010

Vocaloid Track of the Whenever I Feel Like It {S2} 1

Hello Vocaloid enthusiasts! Welcome to the second revisiting of Vocaloid music videos, Vocaloid Track of the Whenever I Feel Like It, Season 2! This time around, I'm setting up this series a little differently. That's right folks, there's some substance and structure this time!

The concept...


Every time I feel like it, I'll take two vocaloid songs and have them stand to compare themselves. Great times surely await, as we hear the electric angels of Vocaloid sing with "inhuman" passion.

So for the first section, we'll be comparing a couple Miku songs that compete eachother in terms of age. The first one is a classic song, one of the first 3DPVs and probably one of the most influential songs to Vocaloid's success: Anger!

With it's futuristic feel, it's a great video for those who are being introduced to Vocaloid for the first time. The video itself is about Miku's desire to sing. The lyrics themselves, like most vocaloid songs, are very deep and can be interpreted many ways. It sounds like an amazing song that could be a great opening song for an anime!

"This voice
Even if it were to tear apart
There are still things
That I want to protect
To this crazy voice arising
I shall consign wings"

Enjoy this great video subbed by Deretsun himself! Visit our OtakuReviewers Youtube channel for more videos uploaded by Deretsun!

Hatsune Miku - Anger

The next song has been popular since it's release. This song is very stylish and it's lyrics don't make much sense taken literally, but when you look at the title, Chaining Intentions, they make a little more sense.

The PV for Chaining Intentions is a great representation of MMD and it's influence on Vocaloids. This PV was in the contest "MMD Cup 4" where people make great videos with Miku Miku Dance and showcase their talents! This colorful, brilliant, astract, and interesting PV shows how strongly the competitive spirit affects progress!

Hatsune Mike - Chaining Intention

So, which do you prefer? Leave a comment to let us know! And stick around for the next installment!

I did not subtitle or create this video or the music. I don't own it. Don't kill me, copyright people.


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