January 14, 2011

Darn Good Video Games, Part 1

Hiya it's RPGHero bringing you my newest post series, "Darn Good Video Games"

In this series, I'll be posting about really really good video games. And like my name implies, they'll be mostly RPGs. There might be a general multi-player game mixed in sometimes though.

Today's Darn Good Video Game is:
Persona 4

Persona is a video game series that started out as a straightforward ghost/monster/demon killing RPG. And over the installments, they have added more and more story and interactive capabilities. The latest installment being Persona 4.

The plot is intense!! 
Well you're a kid that just moved to a rural town in Japan. All of a sudden a horrifying murder occurred.
As you're getting used to your new life you meet friends. They peer pressure you into trying an urban legend where you watch tv on a rainy night at midnight. Before you know it (because you and friends think there's a clue to the murders) you're going on adventures and beating monsters in a parallel universe behind the TV. 

There's also alot to do in real life though. You can hang out with people and build relationships...

This game is loosely based on a two things. Mythology and Jungian psychology. How is a game based on psychology??? Well throughout the game you are collecting and using "Persona" to fight monsters. The persona, being a facade used to overcome life's difficulties... both in the game and in Jung's theory. And even in the game they will make many references to Jung. However the personas are actually mythological creatures, which is a creative (AND POSSIBLY FAKE) addition to Jung's theory.

The music is pretty good, the battle music and opening music is unique, it has vocals!!!

The graphics are alright... There are no Hi-def cutscenes but for a PS2 game the constant gameplay graphics are pretty good.

If you like RPG's, being the most popular guy in school, fighting ghosts, solving murders, oracles, and urban legends... Then head down to the local video game store and pick this game up!!!

I give it a 4/5 ^^

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