January 13, 2011

"Perfect" Cherry Blossom Trio! [SUPER Touhou Character Profile!] {Part 1}

Hey guys, it's been a while since we've seen a Touhou Character profile, and this time is guaranteed to please! Skipping right along to another random (group of) character(s) in the world of Gensokyo, we have the Ex/Phantasm Trio of the 7th installment, Touhou Project ~Perfect Cherry Blossom~! Without skimping a bit, let's go up the ranks of the Youkai Heirarchy!


Chen, adorable Chen! Cute, sweet, delightful Chen! Pitiful, foolish Chen! *hey you, how did you sneak up on us?!*

Alright alright, enough praises. Chen is a black cat youkai, and is Perfect Cherry Blossom's (from now on called PCB) stage 2 boss. As well all know, stage 2 bosses are more or less pathetic, but at the same time adorable. Chen is the perfect example of a stage 2 boss. Her spell cards relate to occult magic (i.e. "wizard sign", "ying yang sign", "heaven sign", etc.) but even on Lunatic any versed player has a chance of survival.

Chen may seem like a pushover, but along with being a youkai she is also a shikigami, or summoned spirit. She can harness amazing powers while a shikigami, but folklore has it that shikigami are weak to water... and being a cat makes her doubly as weak.

Chen almost always wears a green cap, red and yellow Chinese dress, and a large gold ring-like earring in her ear. She also has a forked tail, representative of ghost cats. Of course she has nekomimi as well, but they're real! Don't pull, or else you'll regret it! Chen's attacks also rely on her feline reflexes and nimbleness. So don't even consider running away after you start a fight!

[Check out Chen's awesome dancing, er, battle skills! It's... contagious! ]

Chen spends most of her free time curling up under the kotatsu during the winter, and meeting with stray cats for unknown purposes...

Chen is always loyal to her master, Ran, even when Ran herself is a little... over the top at times. But because Ran herself is a shikigami to a youkai, Chen's power is, well, scoffable. But everyone loves her adorable nature! In fan depictions, Chen is always the tiny, cute follower that is very close to Ran. And because she doesn't have a last name, like Cirno, she's usually given a childish aura of innocence and niavete similar to Cirno's.


Wait, you pulled her ears? Didn't I just say-- Oh no, Chen's gonna attack!!


*5 minutes later*

Oh wow, I can't believe you were able to beat Chen in combat! Even though she's only a medium on the threat scale, a human beating a shikigami is unprecendented...

" How could you do that to my adorable Chen!?! Don't think you'll be off the hook so easily!"

... Oh no, looks like you got her master angry! Stay tuned for Part two!




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