November 18, 2010

Otaku Helping Others! Part 3

Today's "Otaku Helping Others!" post is about...

Being a member of S O C I E T Y

Finding a Job!

You may ask, "What does finding a job have to do with the world of anime and manga?"
And I'll respond, "Any true otaku (anime lover) knows that the world of anime and manga is full of stories where the main character (or side character) must find a job..."

Let's take a look O.O

In the 'slice of life' anime "Clannad", Tomoya, the main character got a job right out of high school. He didn't think college was right for him. In Japan college is a serious place. From an early age school is fairly competitive in Japan, even in high school they post your test scores in rank order. College is naturally the next step in line with all of that.

Nagisa, Tomoya's girlfriend also got a job right out of high school.

Let's learn ROMAJI!!
Romaji is basically Japanese but using the english alphabet, their language comes with it's own writing.
Shigoto - Work or job.
Arubaito - Job or part-time job.
Shigoto is the term that those with a good full-time job will use and arubaito (or simply baito) is used more for part-time jobs and gigs.

In "Great Teacher Onizuka", Onizuka acted on his dream to become the best teacher in Japan. He ended up getting a job at a private school because those schools don't require as many qualifications. The same is true for private schools here.

However before Onizuka became a teacher he thought he would never get a job. That was when he became a truck driver and nicknamed himself GDO, Great Driver Onizuka. Soon after starting that job he found out he was chosen by a private school and sped there using a company truck...

Now who thought that anime cared so much about people getting jobs and making a living?? Did you think it was all saving the world and Kamehamehas??

But sometimes people don't get a job...

In "Welcome to the N.H.K" Sato thought there was a large scale conspiracy against him and dropped out of college. He started to stay in his apartment all day and live off his parent's money. He became a NEET. NEET means "not (in) education employment (or) training".

This girl decided to help him get back on his feet. She wanted to teach him how to go back to society. He looked down on the lessons but they changed him. He slowly wanted to make a living... He started slow making an erotic dating sim with his friend and trying to sell MMO money.

This blog is something like a homage to Welcome to the NHK... However I am working on a baito and would like to find shigoto that could let me buy a house...

What does Cowboy Bebop and Gintama have in common??
Well in both of these anime, the characters do work-for-hire. In Gintama, Gin-sans group does random jobs for the townsfolk. In Cowboy Bebop, Spike, Jet, and Faye are bounty hunters and try to bring in convicted criminals but they always seem to have hard luck getting any real money because the crooks either slip away, get cleared, or some other excuse...

Happy job hunting!!

And remember, follow your dream!

This is RPGHero, signing out!

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