November 19, 2010

In Comes The Cold! Winter and Our Love for All Things Otaku! {RSP}

{RSP} means "Random Stuff Post"... mostly pictures and videos pertaining to recent things like seasonal changes and Otaku-like miscellaneous et cetras! Enjoy with wonder and speculation in your tiny hearts!!

Hey guys! As we are endlessly dragged forward by the relentless flow of time, we see the many colors of life come alive in all seasons… and winter is no exception! We had our fun summer times, and are currently in Autumn (technically)… depending on where you live it could either be freezing cold or brisk and tropical! But either way, winter is an enjoyable time of the year, and what better way to celebrate than with our love for anime?!

But before we get into winter, a short tribute to Autumn in all its otakudom greatness...

As it gets colder and colder, don't you just feel like sitting next to something warm? We all don't have that kind of free time but of course whenever it's possible it's very enjoyable..

[⑨ , I think you're doing it wrong...]

Nothing beats the cold air of the winter! I bet none of you would agree, but it does make for some "breathtaking" pictures! (Get it? … Not funny huh? I don't care >_>) Who'd've thought just standing outside in the cold would look so great?

[As the wise RPGHero once said... "MOE!!!" ^^]

And everyone knows Winter = Christmas! In America Christmas is mostly about the gifts and the tangible franchise of buying everyone you know extravagant merchandise for the sake of living on in Jolly old Saint Nick's name. But in Japan Christmas is mostly about caring for other people (since it has even less of a religious connotation as it does in America… even in America it's dwindling…) and Christmas Eve is even called "Lover's Day"! It may be a long time until Christmas but you can still show the love, right?

Winter is a great time to watch anime. It's always too cold outside to do much and anime is the best thing to do/watch inside right ? Well other than have fun when it snows!!

[Uguu's and Auu's for everybody!]

So as you get ready to enjoy the cold wintry weather, keep your love of anime in mind! It'll keep you warm in the coldest snow storm :P


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