November 16, 2010

RPG Party of the Week!

In this segment, I'm gonna depend on my skills as an RPGHero!

We'll be looking at a different RPG party every week. When you think of the word party you think about a celebration or rabble rousing with food or drinks. In an RPG the word party probably follows dictionary definition two or three which is "a band of people associating together for some purpose or activity". In other words a group of people who decided to travel together because they'll accomplish their goals easier together.

It's one of the main reasons I play RPGs, because a party is also a group of friends. And nothing says friendship better than taking down a super powerful monster, together. ^^

Todays' party of the week comes from "Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm" for Playstation 2. It is not as well known as Final Fantasy but it's a great RPG. The characters are 2D which lends to a classic RPG feel. The story is just like all the Atelier Iris games, protect the world from magic/alchemy in the hands of evil. The music is the best part, the music has that feel of a great SNES game like Megaman X. Sometimes you forget you're playing a recent game and you'll drift off into an era where the music riffs made you feel like a futuristic mage. And an even better part is playing this when all those losers out there are playing Black Ops. Alas people should come over to the light side and play RPGs.

~The Party~
Edge Vanhite
Age: 19
Edge Vanhite lost his parents at a young age. He lives at a workshop with his partner Iris Fortner. (What I wouldn't give to live with a chick just because) Edge is a quiet person but when he does talk he seems frank and unfriendly. (I personally call him the comeback and startup king, because he can diss people with almost no effort) But Edge hides that he's actually a kind person. (It's not that hard to hide. Even if you're frank you can still be a good person. He's definitely not hurting people, at least physically) Edge is skilled at swordfighting and only uses magic in combination with his sword attacks.
 Iris Fortner
Age: 16
Iris is Edge's partner in the work-for-hire business known as the Raiders Guild. They work together doing errands and fighting monsters for the townsfolk. Iris is skilled at alchemy and can synthesize items. Edge always makes fun of her skills but in reality she is the most skilled in the town. She optimistic with a straightforward personality. (The name Iris is a recurring name in the Atelier Iris series, like the name Sid in the Final Fantasy series)
Nell Ellis
Age: 15
Nell Ellis used to work as a Raider with her older sister until they got in an argument which left her working alone. Nell wants to restore her families wealth and status which was taken away. Edge and Iris took her in so she could have support while working as a Raider. It's actually Edge and Iris' fault that she was abandoned because they were competing with Nell and her sister Yula. She's an energetic, happy-go-lucky girl.

Check out the gameplay!

Notice how Vic Mignogna voiced the main character... I tell you he's gonna dominate the anime/video game world one day...

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