June 10, 2010

Chansu's Review of Japan Day 2010!

[check out this awesome site for more information about Japan Day at central park!]

The date was June 6th 2010. The place was Central Park. And the people were RPGHero and chansu! Can you guess what was going down?


That's right guys, New York's annual Japan Day! Every year for the past 4 years New York's Central Park has been the home to hundreds of thousands of Japanese, Japanese-American, and Japanese culture enthusiasts for just a single day, where the focus is... Japanese culture!

Japan day was PACKED. Even arriving when things were winding down, the place was packed with people hanging out and enjoying the finale: a chorus led by Sadao Watanabe singing "We are the world" in Japanese.

Although we made it there too late to actually experience the splendor of Japan day, there was tons of things that had been going on. There was a stand of free Japanese pamphlets, yoyo fishing, Kabuki face painting, hand fan making, Japanese traditional music showcase, free japanese cuisine (with a complementary line!), and of course a huge stage of performers going on all day.

If you live near the Manhattan area I would highly suggest you go there, it's a lot of fun. Just make sure you get there early (usually starts at around 8) so you can get all the free stuff before everyone else!


[And you thought "Taiko no Tatsujin" was fun, check out these awesome drums! Of course there were other instruments...]

[And this is what the tent sounded like!]

[Pretty much the only cosplayer there (though there may've been others)... Yusei Fudo of "Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds]

["We Are The World" with Sadao Watanabe... truly a moving piece!]

Remember guys, everyday is Japan Day!


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  1. I was there! ^^

    BTW that youtube channel is mine, for all those who were wondering. If you want to, subscribe, because that's where all the AMVs are going! :)



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