June 3, 2010

100th POST.. RPGHERO Rants

We've hit number 100

This is RPGHero celebrating the Cool Otaku Review blog's 100th post. I'd like to thank everyone who's still reading our blog!

Let's see what can I talk about now??

Well since I live in New York near the city. I can talk about Japan Day which is this Sunday...
Japan Day is a celebration of Japanese culture which takes place in Central Park. I went last year and there are frequently many cosplayers there too lol. There's a large number of people there, probably just as many as at Animazement because so many people from New York are there.

I like their Sakura campaign to put cherry trees in central park and around New York. It would be alot nicer to see the Sakura blossum in New York and maybe even one day Yosoko Japan can hold a cherry blossum viewing event once the trees are planted.
Well there are alot of them in NY but it would be nice to have even more!

I hope to go to Japan Day again this year provided myself and Chansu still have any money left after all of our excursions in NC. Did you know that I had two Magical Girls too?!

Relax they're anime themed drinks that were being sold in the spirit of the convention lol. They were strong but cost alot of money lol. And Relax I wasn't wearing Kappei Yamaguchi's dubbed nose or even dressed like Usopp when drinking lol. That would have been a site to see. but Kappei did talk about the One Piece characters and their drinking habits strangely enough @ Animazement 2010.

Thank Coffeebadass for the video! He truly is badass for getting that on film!

That Kappei is a pretty funny guy! He was really cool to sign my nose! Whenever people would say it looked like Pinnochio I'd just look at the signature and think, if Kappei signed it's gotta be acceptable as Usopp, I mean it wasn't a foot long or anything.. But returning to my rant lol.

Have you ever doubted yourself with another and hesitated and then lost out on what they were going to give you. Well in Japanese culture doing stuff like that is common. The person recieving a gift will hesitate a few times just to make sure that the gift was intended for them and not another. That's happened to me alot but I wasn't hesitating on purpose lol. However I could say that this blogs praise or complements are not for me lol. They're for the spirit of anime and japanese culture!!

Well right now I'm just jammin out to One Piece Openings lol. If you're looking to download a good number of the One Piece opening and ending songs go to this really good site called www.gendou.com, type in One Piece under the music search and they'll offer you many of the tunes. I think you've got to register though. It's a great site for shows too so don't be afraid to register! Support them with donations also if you feel inclined to!!

I guess right now I feel in the mood for a summer beer party with friends but I don't really have any friends which is why I've got all this time to try my best to share my views and picks of japanese culture with you all! I guess you are all like my friends.. Just keep reading my posts. And if you're drinking water, punch, or whatever raise it high and "KANPAI" we reached 100! I'll really buy a Kirin Lager and Kanpai for our 1000th post! Or maybe way before then... Harrison Ford makes it look so cool lol.

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