June 12, 2010

Introducing the New Reviewer!--me! :)

Hello everyone! I go by the name Deretsun, and I'm so excited to finally get my first post in! Okay, so here are four things you should know:

I love anime! :) (obviously)
As you know, I go by the name Deretsun, which is actually "tsundere" mixed around (if you didn't figure that out already =P). It's actually a reference to Lucky Star, which we'll get to later on :)
I'm definitely not as experienced in anime as RPGHero or Chansu, but I'll be contributing what I can! I'm going to be reviewing many things from the wonderful world of tsundere characters (more detail on this later) to the anime that is bound to either thrill or move your heart. I'm going to also be reviewing other minor things like my favorite voice-actors and my all-powerful moe-list ^^. I'll be making tons of recommendations as I slowly become more exposed to anime! I'll also be keeping my anime list updated on MyAnimeList.net so you can track me and even follow me on my anime-venture! I plan to watch tons of anime this summer, so if you want to keep up, you're going to have to try really hard!

In addition! (What, there's more??) Yup!--I'm going to be adding tons of videos including AMVs and holiday specials to keep you guys entertained! ;)

(...of course that means when I actually have time. But since it's finally summer, you can expect a bunch of awesome AMVs from the Otaku Reviewers!)
and lastly,
I'm studying Japanese and having a Japanese step-family (half-sisters, step-mom + their family) really helps, so I'll be throwing in here and there bits and pieces of Japanese culture! You also might see me write some messages in Japanese--so if you want to decode it you might wanna start learning it yourself! :P

Well that's all for now, look forward to my reviews! Thanks everyone!



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