April 7, 2010

My Top Five Moe Girls (by chansu)

My turn. But I won't be as ridiculous as to blame our loyal and nearly nonexistent reader-base of ranking girls they have no chance of getting with. So instead, I'll show you the other side of moe, characters that don't get as much fans but actually deserve more than the main-streamers.

Whether you want it or not, you're getting:
My Top Five Moe Girls

Number 5

Haru Miura
Katekyou Hitman Reborn!

The comic relief/stereotypical useless girl of the Reborn! series. She's in love with the main character Tsuna, and has unwavering devotion to him even after realizing he's a mafia boss. Apparently her charm points are her eyes, dimples, and "that whorl of hair" that can't be seen all too well in the above picture. Ugi! Haru starts off the countdown at #5.

Number 4

Asahina Suzuka

The titular character of this romance/sports anime takes the #4 spot. Notably the only tsundere on the list, Suzuka is an ace high jumper and a snotty one at that. She leads the main character Akitsuki on a journey of self-development and romantic endeavors he would've never imagined possible! Hard to get with, but well worth the effort, Suzuka "jumps" into number 4.

Number 3

Nono & Lal'C Mellk Mal

What's better than one topless airheaded sexy chick piloting a giant robot-like thing? Another topless strict sexy chick. Nono and Lal aren't really topless, they belong to a world where robot pilots are called Topless. Not saying that they don't get topless. Anyway, this duo takes the #3 spot with their sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes strange friendship.

Number 2

Tsukamoto Yakumo
School Rumble

The ability to read the minds of admirers. The ability to see ghosts. The ability to know the thoughts of cats. And the ability to be downright cute while doing it! Yakumo is the definite silver medalist in this competition. She is the perfect girl - a loving younger sister, a kind hearted person, a lover of cats, and a pure and sometimes clueless demeanor. She takes the madness of the School Rumble universe in stride! She's my #2, Tsukamoto Yakumo!

And finally...

Number 1

Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan

I bet you've never seen her before!
I also bet you want to see more of her!
Liru is one of 4 princess of the Netherword, a werewolf who came with the other princesses to live on earth in the comedy anime. She's an energetic girl who, like your typical werewolf, hates silver things and transforms under the influence of the full moon. Her personality is fun and always welcome, and yes that's her everyday wear. Easy to get along with and stylish! She's number 1 just because!

Spring, love, yadda-yadda. Have a good one folks!


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