April 6, 2010

My Top Five Moe Girls (By RPGHero)

You've all done it before. Either in the locker room or on your facebook page... You've ranked the hottest girls at your school or the hottest guys, depending on who you are.
On top of all of that IT'S SPRING TIME!

Well I'm going to give you:
My Top Five Moe Girls

Number 5

Misaki Nakahara
Welcome to the NHK

She's sortof introverted and sorta troubled by her past but she's willing to hang out with you no matter how mean you are or how ::cough:: perverted you are! She opens the top five with that charm!

Number 4

Orihime Inoue

She's bubbly and shy at the same time. The girl that will tag along with you anywhere and kiss you in your sleep, or at least try to. Just don't sleep on her, some sleezy arrancar might try and mess with her mind. However, she's sexy! 

Number 3

Naru Narusegawa
Love Hina

She's smart and clumsy at times. She plays hard to get, very hard to get. But you catch her naked or almost naked all the time... Even better I think she's hiding a crush on you! Definitely number 3!

Number 2

Haruhi Suzumiya
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

She's unpredictable. She'll make you dress up as a frog and she'll play to your weaknesses all the time. But in this case you're just as smart as she is, and you're not buying it. But you're the chosen one, you end up kissing her in another dimension. She has a crush on you then? Keeping us all guessing...

Number 1

Taiga Aisaka

She's got the meanest temper on this list, and possibly more than any girl you've ever met. But you're her friend and you're also her butler. You watch out for her and she acts like it's not appreciated. The fact of the matter is, she's madly in love with you. She might say she likes that other guy but all your hard work has definitely paid off. There's alot of romantic scenes with you and her. Ah the kind of love Spring is made of!!

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