November 6, 2021

Best New Anime about Love (2021)

Romance is probably one of the most liked anime genres. It just makes you feel hundreds of emotions at the same time, making you all warm and fuzzy inside. The second year of the Coronavirus Pandemic, that being 2021, not only gave us with a bunch of action-packed anime, but also had some romance in store for us. So, without further ado, let’s introduce them!

Komi-San Can’t Communicate

Komi-San Can’t Communicate Manga is just amazing. It was a highly anticipated anime and 2021 really blessed us with it. The story revolves around Shoko Komi who is a socially awkward high school student. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t communicate with others. Her dream is to make 100 friends and one of his classmates, Tadano, decides to help her in realizing her dream. He must help her communicate with different people in order to get her new friends.


The anime adaptation of Horimiya was another surprise for the fans this year. It is one of the best romantic anime to date. The story involves Hori and Miyamura who are two high school students. Both of them have different personalities at school and different at home. Both of them happen to know about each other’s true personalities and grow close together. Their sweet love story begins that makes us feel all warm inside.

My Next Life As a Villainess

The second season of My Next Life as a Villainess came out earlier in 2021. Catarina Claes is the main character of the series who got reincarnated to another word. As she has dealt with all the death flags in the first season, she can lead her life peacefully now. However, Catarina is unaware of the challenges the new people are bringing at her school. The game she’s playing is not over yet. 

Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Girlfriend, Girlfriend has to be the weirdest romance anime of all time. However, it's pretty interesting in its own way. The story introduces us to Naoya Mukai who has no luck when it comes to love. However, luckily, he’s able to date his childhood friend, Saki Saki. Now , when he’s trying to commit to the relationship, he receives a confession from another girl named Nagisa Minase. Naoya rejects her at first but later decides to ask Saki Saki to date her as well. Saki Saki has to submit and their twisted relationship begins.

Bokutachi no Remake 

Bokutachi no Remake is a beautiful story that introduces us to Kyoya Hashiba who is not doing well at his work. One day, he wakes up 10 years in the past when he’s still in the university. There, he meets all the people from the future that he admired. He befriends them and decides to turn his life around this time.

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