February 4, 2016

RPGHero's Corner: Anime + Current Events

RPGHero's Corner

What does being an otaku mean in the modern world? Well we should examine current events through the perspective of anime and video game to find out a bit more.

What comes to mind first when you think about the, “#blacklivesmatter” protests? For myself, “Sword Art Online”. “Angel Beats”, and “Steins;Gate” are three anime that have come to mind. As an otaku who also founded this blog and also who is African-American, I see the plot elements of these anime when I see the emotions that the “#blacklivesmatter” protests have evoked from both those who agree with the protests and those who don't. That's because if you've seen all those anime mentioned, they are about the drive that the protagonists have to protect the lives of those around themselves and not necessarily their own life. I clearly see that the real-life protesters would fit in as the protagonists of any of those anime, if not the ones of their own choosing. They feel more strongly about the sanctity of life, especially in the face of clear persecution against “Black people”, than the people who see themselves more as spectators to the protests or even who are offended by them. In the otaku world of anime, such protests would happen and they would be called “human rights” protests. However, IRL the “#blacklivesmatter” movement has been seen as a bunch (rather large bunch) of youths rasing trouble for other people who are supposedly already down with the sanctity and purpose of all life. For those new to the concept of protests or self-actualized endeavor, that should be expected but for adults in reality any protest is a rally for society to change, not for any one individual or something. That and self-actualized persons, the famous ones rather, are all familiar with the concept of failure on the road toward a goal. So otaku and also everyone else should understand that without the protests, nothing would change and nothing would get better. At least nothing that the right people can take credit for when it happens. That's one perspective from the founder of a blog.

There's still more yet. What about the gender equality movement, called feminism? Actually feminism is much more popular as a movement than as a protest against society. Gender equality is a societal trend and not something anyone is really fighting for and striving for at all (that protesting was already done before our time).

The anime, manga, and otaku world is just following the rest of the world and by following them, I meant leading the way by showing young women and women in a more positive than the rest of the world's media. Even if that means portraying all men as, “nose-picking, selfish, tie-on-head wearing, grouchy, crybaby, softy, hippocritical, and about everything else there is in the book, stopping short of hardline misogynist (which no one can really prevent or change in another person).

But what if you ARE a woman? How do you see the otaku world?

IMO there are barely any shounen-power inspired heroines in anime, not enough to combat the fujoshi-girl stereotype of otaku which actually seems like a negative connotation for the real life woman of power. IMO the anime industry would greatly benefit from more Blood+ and Birdy the Mighty like anime series but I'm sure I've mentioned that before on here somewhere... The two main characters of those shows Saya and Birdy the Mighty are assertive and powerful enough to feminist character models.

Haruhi from “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” actually seems like a fujoshi-girl but given her power over the other characters in the show, it looks more positive. C'mon what kind of real life girl would go for a a male character like Kon... a loner like Kon, a over-critical loner like Kon! It does make make sense now to you, the reader, right??! Haruhi's character, even a extroverted fujoshi-girl, comes off as the savior character, especially since Kon doesn't “do” any saving or anything at all for the group. All Kon does is suggest different alternatives to haruhi's outlandish and outgoing plans and actions, adding to his character's needs which he later says are met by Haruhi's brooding influences and escapades!

In addition, Gintama has enough sketches that make fun of men, for a person who is a “good-for-nothing” to relate and laugh! Maybe Gintama isn't the best show for human empowerment since its a comedy battle shounen, so IMO it keeps it real with its fans. Gintama pokes fun at all kinds of “good-for-nothing” and “weird” characters and doesn't discriminate between different “kinds” of people, just making fun of as many people as possible without really apologizing. IMO that's just the way IRL works with injustice and misfortune and the alleviation thereof. I would rather laugh and feel a bit uncomfortable with Gintama, than deal with injustice and misfortune in the real world...

There you have it, otaku friends, and without any obvious political references!!!

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