February 27, 2016

Blade & Soul - Pierrot's Experience

Hello! It's Pierrot~!

Recently, I've seen screenshots from one of my friends who plays an online game called Blade & Soul. I thought it looked interesting, so I decided to try it out. Even though I like video games, I suck at playing them, so I wasn't sure how this was going to work for me. Thankfully, it's easy for the most part. The only issues I have are falling to my death or getting confused on where to place certain items...like bodies. ^^;

From what I've experienced so far, it's playable alone. That's good for me (and others) since I tend to stay offline for long periods of time. Another thing I like about this is how much characters can be customized. There's so much to mess with in the creation part, it took me an hour to make mine how I wanted (That's her above!). The only thing I'm wondering is if she'll ever talk since there was a choice in voices during the creation part. Since I only started playing a few hours ago, I've yet to find out. I'm looking forward to playing more.

((For anyone that would like to try and catch me in-game, I'm in the Master Hong server!))

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