February 26, 2016

Otaku Reviewers, Review NYC: Book Off and Sapporo Ramen Diner

Otaku Reviewers Review NYC

"Book Off"
Media Megastore of Times Square Manhattan

Book * Off is a great media megastore around Times Square, NYC.

Not apparent from the outside, the inside is full of previously owned books. Most books here are manga and Japanese language, making it quite the Otaku hangout!

Right when you walk in there's a Toradora dvd mixed in with other stuff like a Bible DVD anthology.
Near or not???

If you want to learn Japanese there are stacks of Japanese language workbooks for sale at low prices here. There's even some for Doraemon fans, as seen at the bottom.

Japanese culture is family oriented!
This Japanese language book sports a cover with a small child embracing his grandpa... Isn't that cute?

On the way to the basement, there are some posters and small art on the walls with Attack on Titan themes. If only, Chansu could read all of these and translate them in his genius English-Japanese otaku knowledge.

~Then you're in the basement!

Which has the largest number of previously owned manga and Japanese language graphic novels, I have seen in NYC so far.

In addition, there's all kinds of posters and art to look at and choose from on the walls.

Looks like "Hikari no Go" right there amongst the visual books display, am I right?

There's a lot of other visual books and cool stuff, if you're a fan of other manga and anime...

I was going to buy Hikkatsu, a manga I thought was interesting. This kid punches appliances and hopes that they come back to life, but they always break.

It seemed kind of like a dead-end manga though, even if it wasn't made to be an anime series...

Sapporo Ramen Restaurant

I wouldn't really recommend Sapporo Ramen to anyone going to NYC...

6 out of 10

Sapporo has a weird non-Japanese vibe going with its employees. 
Not many Japanese deco...
And you must pay your tip, or else.

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