September 28, 2015

LGBTQ Characters in Anime

If there's any kind of media that's tolerant of all kinds of peoples, it's probably anime. Popular media in general is welcoming and making new roles for LGBTQ characters. However, popular media kind of only sees LGBTQ people as kind of sexual (or sex-u-al), as if they don't have their own unique personality traits and quirks that make them cool characters in their own right. Anime, takes LGBTQ characters to the next level and gives them cool anime traits that make them kind of awesome, anime awesome...

Tiger and Bunny's Fire Emblem

The epitome of lean, refined muscle and an inferno of firepower. The perfect shounen hero, except that he would rather choose between Tiger or Bunny than any of the other characters in the show. At first, he seems very flamboyant almost like the poster child for the gay Afro-character but as the show goes on he becomes a true hero. That's because in addition to being on a show for heroes he is actually fearless, cares for, and protects the weak. Check out a cool AMV with Fire Emblem right below, it's from our own studio and youtube channel.

MM!'s Mio Isurugi

Mio comes off as a girly girl and she is. But psychologically, Mio is a dom and can never actually be a girly girl. She'd rather have a stereotypically male role than a female role, which makes her different, sort of like she can walk both sides of the street. Through the show, she unlocks her peer's inner hentai or variation from the norms of attraction. Just by being around her, one guy came out of the closet and the other main character, the male lead Taro Sado, was able to express his own masochistic desires to the max. Making Mio Isurugi and the Taro a compatible match, but not the straightforward average heterosexual pair.

One Piece's Emporio Ivankov

The Okama Kingdom in One Piece, is a social community of LGBTQ located in one of the lower levels of Impel Down, the most deadly prison in One Piece. Impel Down is famous of destroying the hopes and dreams of the toughest pirates and criminals. It has levels dedicated to subzero temperatures and some levels dedicated to arctic temperatures, others to bloodthirsty monsters. However, the Okama Kingdom, headed by Imperio Ivankov (pictured above) is a flourishing social community with all the amenities of home, in a hidden corner of the expansive prison. The only price to be there is that Ivankov will change your body to the gender you're not comfortable with or take ten years off your life span with his injection power. Ivankov himself or herself, can change genders at will.

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