September 29, 2015

Kimochi that You won't Let Go!

Eren will be haunted by his feelings whether or not he wins!
Maybe you've heard this phrase in a Jpop song before...

"Hanasa-nai" (Romanization)
"Won't let go" (Translation)

We all have feelings that we just won't let go no matter what. Let's keep this blog post short and to the point. Those feelings are sometimes inexpressible and intangible. It's our otaku fandom and aspiration to be more like the main characters of an anime that allows us to keep trying to find those feelings and use them to make happier. It's basically your duty now that you're an Otaku!
 Like in Bakuman, Mashiro seems like he's always working tirelessly to make a successful anime and marry his crush. But it goes deeper than that because Mashiro is so in love with anime and manga that he's never fazed by hard work and his more skilled rival. In fact, Mashiro's kimochi is so strong that he probably wouldn't have it any other way than work tirelessly because he makes it FUN!

Takagi isn't pictured but Takagi's kimochi lies more in the expressing of his story in manga form. Takagi's kimochi and feelings are in every story. Just like our feelings are in everything we do! Ganbare! Try to have stronger good feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naruto and Sakura?
 Naruto's crush on Sakura is another example. He can't express his love for her because he knows she loves Sasuke. ...and as a future Hokage, Naruto can't stand to live in a world where a comrade would desert the leaf village. Naruto's unexpressible kimochi can only be resolved once he convinces Sasuke to return to Leaf village. But Sakura is onto him and notices that his kimochi is stronger than any normal person. 

Maybe she actually begins to like him for his tsuyoi kimochi!

It's a girl's world!
 Don't forget the girls of anime! A lot of girls just want to fall in love with their crush. All the girls in Toradora have unexpressible kimochi that they won't let go even if each other has the same feelings. This happens in real life a lot. Don't give up girls! One day your crush will like you back and choose you over your friends!

No matter what, your feelings are yours
Your Kimochi that You won't Let Go!

So don't let go of them no matter what! 
Otaku life!

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