September 29, 2015

Birdy the Mighty: It's Obviously A Woman's World

Shounen Alert!

So far, Birdy the Mighty is the only action/adventure shounen anime that stars, a female lead. That means a female lead with power in spades and superhero-like strength. Let's recap, this might be the only shounen anime with a STRONG female lead. Strong enough to break your face! hahahaha

Why aren't there more shounen anime out there with female leads, like this one? All of the others are cult interests, like vampires or Halloween towns. Do all girls like vampires and Halloween? That's not the way... Or one day everyone will wake up and the female species... will be gone, presumably to Hogwarts or something. Or they'll be the new villains ..._(O.O)_... Aaaaaah NOooo!

But why not regular heriones???

As anime nerds, we already know that some girls are just regular shounen heroines. But there aren't enough themes and main characters to help a girl out. There should be a long list of shounen, not even "shounen", of action/adventure anime starring girls. Stereotypically, the word shounen refers to boys anime, kind of like the superhero cartoons of Japan. But, then why did you guys in Japan make this one? Just to fly in the face of your own conventions? Make more... Please?

Anime like Birdy the Mighty, show anime fans that it is possible. "Birdy" or her Earth codename, came to Earth from a distant planet to investigate powerful alien criminals that go to Earth to do bad stuff. As events unfold, a human boy gets in the way of a fight. The bad guy uses the boy as a body shield (bravery at its finest or is it typical cowardly bad guy behavior) and Birdy disintegrates him with a full body punch. So... the boy has to be revived on her planet and in the meantime Birdy has to share her body with him... As in, let him use it so he can keep going to school, have a social life, and get good grades. But she still fights aliens when he gets home from school.

Birdy is a typical shounen main character with all the shounen features. She's stubborn, optimistic, brave, impervious to evil, and loves a good challenge. She stands up for what's right in the face of danger and stronger enemies. Plus she can also think with such a hard head...

In fact, if she doesn't wear her superhero suit, she might be a tomboy. If I were a girl, she would be one of my favorite shounen/shoujo heroes and I would lament the anime industry for taking so long to get onto the bandwagon. 
In short, they need to make more strong female leads for anime. For otaku. For you and for me. For the world. For the FREAKING UNIVERSE!

You can catch Birdy the Mighty for free, streaming on

Modeling is her side job!
I always knew there were Otaku like me out there...

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